10 things to know about NYSC 2021 Batch A Online Registration

Are you a prospective 2021 Batch A Corp member? Are you aware that there are some vital information all Corp members need to know in respect to the online registration? If you aren’t aware, then you need to read this post to the end so you will not be taken unaware, nor encountered any issue while carrying out the online registration.

The online registration for NYSC 2021 Batch A compulsory one year service, has being scheduled to commence on the 3rd of March 2021.

For the fact that most prospective corp member(s) that will be going to camp aren’t familiar with some of the relevant procedures/activities, as well as the online registration process, we thought it will be nice to share the underlisted ten (10) things to note concerning the online registration for 2021 NYSC Batch A.

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10 things to know about NYSC 2021 Batch A Online Registration

These relevant points are given just as allegedly expected by the NYSC management;

  1. The Registration portal will be made accessible from on the 3rd of March 2021. Prospective corp members are to visit www.nysc.org.ng, then locate the button ‘Mobilization 2021 Batch A’ which is meant for those that are registering on the portal for the first time.

  2. There is also a button/link meant for those that have registered before but didn’t turn up for the camping activities in the 2020 Batch B set, and other previous Batches. Such persons are to click on the link caption ‘Revalidation’.

  3. Those that have registered before but failed to complete the registration process are to click on ‘Login here’s button, which will allow such individual(s) to input his/her old username and password.

  4. While carrying out the online registration, it is advisable not to use proxy to thumbprint.

  5. All prospective corp members are to upload a clear passport photograph, it is prohibited to use a passport photograph wearing NYSC crested vest. Anyone who uploaded such passport will not be registered on camp.

  6. Prospective corp members are to use the official website properly by clicking the right buttons/links. It is also relevant to follow NYSC social media pages/platforms for latest updates.

  7. Endeavor to apply for any of the following; change of name, spelling errors, removal of names, addition of name, and rearrangement of names in your dashboard.

  8. Ensure that your date of birth is correctly imputed during the online registration as it will be inscribed on your discharge certificate. However, you can apply for correction on your dashboard.
    Note: You cannot apply for date of birth correction after completing your camp registration.

  9. Prospective corp members with issues like wrong thumbprinting, wrong passport photograph are to visit the NYSC state secretariat for possible corrections before the camping date. As such corrections can’t be made during the orientation course.

  10. Those that got graduated as Part time students are expected to register online too. This will enable them print their Exclusion Letter from their dashboard when it’s time for printing.

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With these ten (10) things, most prospective corp member (PCMs) won’t find difficulty during the Registration process, and also while in the orientation camp.

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