10 Ways To Make Quick Money In Nigeria

Many people want to make quick money in Nigeria, so that they can meet up with the economic situation in the country. There is a popular adage that says ‘Condition makes a crayfish to bend’. So, even in the worst situation, there is always a way to make money and survive. I mean ‘legal ways’ not illegal ways that can put you into trouble. In this article, we shall be looking at ’10 ways to make quick money in Nigeria.

Many people that want to make money by all possible means usually end up jumping into malefic or fraudulent activities.

Also, there are many people who search the internet on daily basis on ‘how to make money’, but most of the times end up being disappointed. Some use their resources, time, and energy to acquire e-books online not knowing that most of the online e-book vendors are fraudsters who only specialize in separating innocent people from their hard earned money.

Based on a wide range of research carried out, there are quite a number of legit and profitable ways to make money quick money which require little or no capital for a start-up.

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Below are 10 lucrative ways to make quick money.

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10 Ways To Make Quick Money In Nigeria

1. Freelance writing: This is one way of making money in Nigeria. You can decide to write articles for companies through their site and in return they pay you for work done.

2. Blogging: Another fantastic way to make money in Nigeria is through blogging. Having a blog won’t make you rich over night but by being patience, dedicated and committed, it will surely yield a fruitful result. You can create a blog to entertain, inform or solve people’s problem, and then make money from your blog.

3. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a process of helping someone or organization to promote their business or advertise there product or services on social media or through your blog and when a customer purchase the product, you receive a commission for it. You can register in any affiliate company like konga or Jumia to advertise their product through your blog.

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4. Selling Second-hand Items: Another great way to making money quick in Nigeria is by selling second hand items such as clothes, phones, shoes, and appliances. Buying these goods and reselling them will fetch you income.

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5. Coaching Lessons: Parents are always in search of a private tutor to teach their children so that they will excel in their academics and pass their exams. Being good in subject like English, Maths, Economic, can generate income for you as a private tutor. All you have to do is meet the parents within your locality, enquire from them if they need a private tutor for their child.

6. Fast Food Joint: Food is very essential for the body. Without food the body feels weak and unable to function. If you are a good cook and your meal taste great then you can make income from it by targeting a very populated area to start up a fast food joint.

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7. Product Sale: Importation of product online through aliexpress, amazon, ebay etc. at a cheaper rate and resell them here in Nigeria to those in need of them is another way to make money in Nigeria. You can start a mini-importation business anywhere even in your bedroom. Product such as clothing, wrist watch, shoes, baby wears and other items can be imported and sold in Nigeria.

8. Driving: Driving a great skill to make money that most people underestimated. If you can drive then, you can make money from it. If you own a bus or car, you can start a transport business. You can drive passengers to their different destination for a fee. If you do not own a car then, you can engage in ‘hire purchase’. Negotiate with the owner on what your weekly contributions should be then you can start earning through driving.

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SEE ALSO: 10 ways to make quick money in Nigeria

9. Poultry Farming: Rearing of chickens is another lucrative business that you can engage in to earn money. A lot of people in Nigeria eat poultry meat. Also the eggs is a good source of protein which is a basic requirement for the body. This birds are reared as chicks and when matured enough, they are sold.

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10. Facebook: A lot of people use Facebook but they don’t know they can make money from it. To make money from Facebook you need to create a Facebook account, then create a page or group. When you acquire large followers, people and companies will start approaching you to place adverts on your page or group.


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