13 Signs You Might Lose Your Job in the Next 6 Months


Hey! You Are About to Lose Your Job?
Is it likely that you can lose your job and not observe it? Of course, this is possible as created manifest by reports and occurrences.
Take for example, did you know that as an employee, you could lose your job for misusing the internet?
In some circumstances, people lose their jobs over things like how they use the internet as exemplified in the case of 20 people who were expelled because of their social media posts.
However, in a lot of circumstances, it is not limited to social media. Rather, people often lose their jobs because they neglect to take cues from hints from either their collaborators or bosses that strongly imply that they are on their way out of the organisation.
Sometimes, these signs are mere hunches; a gut feeling that you are on the verge of getting dismissed.
At other times, the signs manifest in the form of rumours and indications from colleagues who appear to have more news than you do.
This article will share 13 signs that might mean you are about to get sacked . They should not be taken for granted when noticed.
Be reminded that in the signs below, you have not been dismissed. There are things you should do if you finally get fired but this has not happened yet.

1.Money troubles
The moment an organisation you work for starts to have a hard time reconciling its expenditure with its dividend, this is clear sign that the days ahead might be turbulent.
To get a better perspective of how this could lead to causing you to get discharged, we will look at a system.
One of the reasons a lot of companies engage in huge downsizing is to reduce the labour force and cost in a way that doesn’t adversely affect profitability.
A lot of companies are compelled to downsize when they are faced with declining revenue, rising costs, poor economic circumstances, bad profit forecasts, elimination of divisions and for strategic reasons.
Therefore, when you realize that your company is in financial troubles, bear in mind that there is a probability that you could either get laid off or be expected to resign if the organisation wants to give you a heads start.

2.Exclusion from meetings
If you ever notice that executives at work whom you work with begin to leave you out of crucial meetings without any logical explanation, it is a good sign that you should begin to seek other job options.
When executives intentionally stop inviting you to important meetings that you used to be a part of, it is a strong evidence that they believe your days at the organisation are numbered.
Their reasoning at this point in time is that the more distance they create, the better for the organisation as they believe you would soon be provided the marching orders.
Executives also believe that since you would be laid off, there is no sense sharing strategy and technical message with you.

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3.Less work on your table
Within an organisation, there should be a traditional workflow that sees you taking on tasks and projects on a constant basis.
If you, however, discern a sharp drop in tasks and obligations being assigned to you, this is something you should pay a lot of attention to.
When the administration of an organisation decides to sack a worker, there is a decline in the number of tasks allocated to the individual in question.
When this happens, it is an indication that the days ahead have a strong tendency to be gloomy as it most likely means you are about to get fired.

4.Consecutive moments of hostility
We realize that there are times when manager-employee relationships are not very cordial and this is completely normal.
It is common because in some issues, there might be a sharp disconnect between the personality of an employee and an executive or a member of management.
However, if this disconnect suddenly begins to deteriorate into a face-off where voices are raised or the employee is frequently sent home from work over petty issues, then there might be a cause for alarm.
When it gets to a degree where you find yourself spending extra time dealing with opposition than doing actual work, you should read the writings on the wall and do the needful.

5.Mergers and acquisitions
When a corporation goes through a merger or gets acquired by a bigger company, it is not unusual to find workers getting fired.
In some circumstances, the employee is reassigned for relevance of role. By this, an example is an employee occupying a senior role unexpectedly asked to take up a designation that is lower in the scale of hierarchy.
Mergers and acquisitions sometimes happen like an organisational cyclone; ripping stability and job security to shreds.
If you find yourself trapped in the middle of such an organisational shakeup, it is an indication that your days as an employee might be beating to an end.
New executives are also often known to come into a corporation with new ideologies, a several plan and might call new hands to drive the organisation along.

6.Extreme negative complaint
Within an organisation, it is completely in place to have your boss or executive whom you report to, point out errors during the review of your job and performance.
However, if these reviews begin to come with as much detail as referring fingers to how your performance is jeopardising the future and existence of the type as a whole, your job might be on the line.
As earlier stated, complaints are an ingredient of growth but when the criticism borders on your alleged incapacity to do anything right, it might take a miracle to keep the job as you might be on the verge of getting fired.

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7.Taken off email list
If you are encountering a circumstance at work where everyone else receives an official mail except you, it could mean that your days as an employee are numbered.
The exception to this would be if there is a technical glitch that see the emails landing in your spam.
Though, if this is not the case and you are intentionally prevented from official emails, the leadership might be trying to hint that you have outlived your assistance within the organisation.
One way to you would know this for sure is when your friends are having conversations and you find out that you have not been copied in various emails upon which the discussion is built.

8.Your boss becomes tricky
Picture a situation where you have a boss who is very cheerful with you and largely approachable for discussions.
Now, imagine that this unexpectedly goes cold, deliberately avoids opportunities for conversation, becomes elusive, refuses to give you a listening ear. These are strong indicators that it is time to take a closer look at your CV.
If you are having a difficult time understanding why this should raise red flags, imagine that the management mounting loads of pressure on you and giving you difficult targets.
Now, this would be a nice time to reach out to your boss, right?
Well, now, picture trying to call your boss but he never answers or returns your calls.
You send your boss an SMS but he does not reply or admit receipt of the message.
You send an email, which gets avoided.
What is happening is that your boss has opted to take the easy route by preventing you as a confrontation proves difficult.

9.Colleagues dealing with you like a plague
Have you ever noticed how children avoid a fellow child who has been called an outcast?
Well, this is the same way colleagues treat employees who have been marked to get fired or have been flagged to be sinking professionally.
Fact is, no one wants to be seen spending time with that employee with whispers of getting fired around him/her.

10.One-way queries
As an employee should naturally feel good when managers start to ask a lot of question and requesting for updates on tasks and projects that you are working on.
However, when they maintain asking these questions without any kind of reply, then there is a great cause of concern.
Under normal situations, when executives ask probing questions around your work, you should get a feedback of sorts.
If this fails to happen, then you are being asked one-way questions and there is a strong probability that they are trying to find a way around getting you replaced or allowing you go.

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11.Errors are no longer corrected
When employees make omissions, it is the responsibility of managers or the leadership as the case may be to correct them in the hope that they will learn from these errors and corrections.
If, however, management starts to let things slide, this is a good reason to bother about the future of your job.
When faults that were once, always corrected are authorized to go unmentioned, management might have finally decided what you do or fail to do no longer counts as your days on the job are numbered.

Leadership interviews or hires someone who can do what you do
Let us, for a time, imagine that you are a graphics designer. You agree to take a lunch break and you see your company’s HR interviewing about 4 graphic artists.
How would you feel at this point?
Let’s even take it a step further and imagine that the company hires a new graphics designer without any suggestion from you for an additional hand to be hired.
In this procedure, what we are looking at is a circumstance where someone with the same skillset as you has been hired.
This is a sign that there are uncertain days ahead and it could easily mean that the company is strongly on the verge of taking you off its list of workers.

12.Tasks and projects get switched
If you are asked to transfer crucial tasks and projects you are working on to another worker with a who has the capability to get the job done, then there is a probability that you are about to get fired.

13.An attitude of not existing
If you get to a level in an organisation where you begin to feel like you unnoticed, nonexistent, as if you are not even there at all, then it is strong sign that you must take very remarkably.
Have you gotten to a stage where your manager does not acknowledge your attained projects or the status of these reports?
Are you beginning to feel like you would not be missed if you did not show up at work particularly because no one is worried about what you do or don’t do?
Have you taken the pain to write a 50-page business proposal only to find out no one is attracted in it – Not even when you seek their thoughts on the paper?
These are clear indications that your days as an employee are on the verge of coming to an end.


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