5 legit ways to trade bitcoins in Nigeria despite CBN directive

Since the recent CBN directive to Nigerian banks strongly regulate ways to trade bitcoins, there has been a lot of clamour as well as rumours as to what the fate of cryptocurrency trading in Nigeria will become.
Which is why at such a time as this, the smartest decision for crypto users is to do business on a safe trading platform.
In this article, we underline five legit ways Patricia can help you keep trading Bitcoin safely and securely notwithstanding the CBN’s regulations.
You can earn Bitcoin  after knowing what you must know about bitcoin business in nigeria  with your surplus airtime using a feature on the Patricia app bitcoin business in nigeria what you must know which is called Patricia Refill. This feature also authorizes you to pay for your bills, buy airtime and internet data from your bitcoin wallet.

Smoothly trade Bitcoin by securely relating with users who want to buy or vend Bitcoin through the Patricia app. Patricia’s peer-to-peer platform is powered by Vaunt, an international P2P digital currency marketplace that enables faster and simpler money transactions.

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Next brilliant solution by Patricia to assist you easily trade Bitcoin is Patricia Business. Patricia Business is a bitcoin payment gateway that enables traders, merchants and business owners across the country to receive Bitcoin payments from their clients, and then have these payments converted to Naira
Patricia makes it simple for anyone to make Bitcoin payments using a Patricia Debit Card, the first Bitcoin Debit Card in Africa. The card comes in both physical and virtual forms and can be used to shop online or at Bitcoin ATMs anywhere in the world that you may be. Patricia also has the Naira Debit Card alternative to allow you spend in Naira from your Bitcoin Wallet.

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You can sell your Giftcard for Bitcoin on buy gift cards using your bitcoin funds on the Patricia app. This is a seamless way to sell or buy bitcoin from users across the world, and earn incomes while trading.

With Patricia, you can keep enjoying the comfort and freedom of doing business with Bitcoin without bothering about CBN restrictions or losing your Bitcoin funds to illegit requests.

To get commenced, visit mypatricia.co and set up your account and also learn ways to trade bitcoins today.

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