Atiku outperforms Peter Obi, Tinubu on Positive Ratio Metrics – Study

A new study has revealed that the presidential candidate of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has outperformed the two other major presidential candidates – Peter Obi of Labour Party and Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC – on positive ratio metrics in all the mentions from all discussions about the presidential candidates across all media platforms and fora reviewed.

According to the report which adopted Artificial Intelligence tools to analyse 500,000 mentions of the candidates on both traditional and social media within a one-month period, it revealed that although Atiku Abubakar has less mentions on Twitter, as compared to Peter Obi, he, however, got more positive sentiments from people than the duo of Tinubu and Peter Obi.

This means that people who discussed the candidates said more positive things about Atiku Abubakar than they did for Peter Obi and even expressed lesser positive sentiments about Tinubu.
The 46-page document by CustomReport, an independent research body, was titled the “Brand Insights: Atiku Abubakar’s Online presence compared to Peter Obi’s and Bola Tinubu’s.”

In trying to analyze the politicians’ online presence, the study covered areas such as the positive ratio of the total mentions in discussions about the presidential candidates; the volume and reach of discussions about them, the performance of the discussion sources and the most engaging posts talking about the most engaging moments about them.
Meanwhile, the research relied on a methodology that excludes posts about the candidates that are not in English language.

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It also used five metrics to base the generated data for the analysis, and the metrics includes: negative/positive sentiments in the posts about them; Mentions and source; social media interactions, posts reach and presence score.
Similarly, it monitored the official Facebook profiles and other social media pages and handles sharing relevant contents about the candidates, digging deep into about 500 thousand posts from 28th of May, 2022 to the 25th of June, 2022 to arrive at its findings.

According to the report on, Atiku’s Twitter handle has more followers than the duo of Peter Obi and Tinubu, he is, however, slightly less mentioned in comments in comparison to Peter Obi on Twitter.
Nevertheless, it revealed that despite being slightly less mentioned, Atiku got more favourable comments than the other candidates.

Twitter is the fundamental source in building Peter Obi’s and Bola Tinubu’s Reach. While Atiku’s reach on Twitter is slightly less than Obi’s, his sentiment on Twitter is much more positive than competitors.” the study said.

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Also, the report revealed that on Facebook, while Atiku has same post reach with Peter Obi, he, however, has the highest volume of post mentions than Tinubu and Obi.
Likewise Atiku’s Instagram “post mention generated more Reach than a single mention in any other source.”

Moreover, in analyzing the political popularity of the candidates based on the indices above, the report said that in terms of emotionally charged mentions, while Tinubu and Peter Obi had only about 25% positive mentions in all the conversations in the month under review on all the platforms studied, Atiku Abubakar had 55% positive mentions in all the discussions from people talking about the candidates.

It noted that the most popular mentions about the three candidates referred to them as ‘president.’

In every case, the most popular topics of discussion were recognised as those within which people referred to the politicians as presidents,” said the study.

Conversely, in terms of negative mentions, the study revealed that both Peter Obi and Tinubu had more negative mentions than Atiku Abubakar.

While Atiku had just 50% negatively charged content about him, both Tinubu and Peter Obi respectively had 90% negatively charged content about them.
Also, noted that the report found out that Twitter was the major source of negative discussions about the three candidates.

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However, in Bola Tinubu’s and Peter Obi’s cases – negatives noticeably outweighed positives, accounting for 79% and 77% of all emotionally charged mentions. In Abubakar’s case, the sentiment distribution tilted in favour of positives, which accounted for approximately 55% of all sentiment-bearing mentions,” the study noted.

Again, the report found out that Facebook was equally very significant in generating positive mentions about the former Vice President.

It said “…there were approximately 1.8 thousand of them recorded, which exceeds the number of positive Facebook mentions about Bola Tinubu and Peter Obi altogether.”

In terms of videos, Atiku equally took the lead in positive mentions as compared to Peter Obi and Bola Tinubu

Atiku’s sentiment was way better than Bola Tinubu’s or Peter Obi’s. All of Atiku Abubakar’s top 5 topics of discussion were recorded to have favourable values of Positive Ratio, indicating the superiority of the number of positives over the number of negatives.”

In Bola Tinubu’s and Peter Obi’s cases – every topic recognized was characterized by unfavorable values of Positive Ratio, with the number of negatives being much higher than the number of positives.”

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