Last time, we talked about the benefits of serving in the rural areas. Today, we shall be discussing the benefits of serving in urban areas like Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, etc.

It is the dream of many prospective corps members to be posted to urban areas but this is not always possible for everyone. The reason is not far-fetched though as everyone wants to enjoy the perks and benefits attached to serving in the city. Let us take a brief look at some of these benefits:

Better Job Opportunities
There is an abundance of factories and industries in urban areas. This translates to more job opportunities which rub off on corps members as well. In places like Lagos and Abuja, corps members can access job listings and good PPA opportunities than they would in rural areas.

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Social Amenities
Nothing beats comfort in life which is what the urban centers offer. The availability of modern houses with running water, good roads, electricity, etc., is what makes living in the city appealing to many. Getting posted to urban areas means corps members enjoy these benefits too.

Networking Opportunity
There are influential people in urban areas who can help in the advancement of one’s career. Corps members serving in ministries and parastatals may be lucky to make the acquaintance of the top shots in the society which might prove useful in job search areas after the service year.

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Access to Information
Corps members serving in rural areas have little or no access to information. We are in a digital world where access to information is vital to personal development. Serving in urban areas gives corps members access to stable internet connection which can be translated to good use. There are also money-making opportunities like freelancing that can only be accessed with a good internet connection.

Skill Acquisition
Some skills can be learned during the service year that is not available in rural areas. Examples include catering, web development, computer programming, and a whole lot of others. PCMs seeking to learn some skills are better off in areas where they can find certified tutors, or at least, the means to do so.

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Realistically speaking, there is nothing like ‘the best place to serve’ because every place has its advantage and disadvantage. You just have to make the best out of wherever you find yourself.

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