Breakdown on How Npower Batch C Applicants Were Selected – Minister

Are you an applicant of the Npower Batch C Program, and still surprised why you weren’t selected after updating your profile successfully, and still score above 50% in the online test? If ‘yes’ then you have to go through this post to see what strategy the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs adopted in shortlisting the stream 1 beneficiaries.

The minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Hon. Sadiya Umar F. has come out to explain the method used in selecting the Npower Batch C Stream 1 beneficiaries that are currently carrying out the biometric verification. From her statement, those who did well in the CBT test but weren’t selected is as a result of the geographical locations they come from, as only those with higher score were picked in locations with higher population.

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She further explained citing instances, that if in a local government titled ‘A’ has over one thousand (1,000) applicants, those that will be selected are persons that score within 70% to 100%.

While in local government ‘B’ that has a population lesser than one thousand (1,000), anyone who score 0% to 35% can still be shortlisted in order to balance the required number of applicants coming from that geographical location.

Probably since those with higher scores has being accommodated in stream 1, those that weren’t lucky to be among the stream 1 applicants might be selected in stream 2, which will be released from on the 15th of June 2021.

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The stream 2 selection will still maintain same strategy but this time the score range will be from 45% to 65% depending on the population in the various geographical location.

Since the stream 2 selection will commence on the 15th of June 2021 to 21st of June 2021, applicants are advised to constantly check their emails, or their profile via the Nasims portal to Confirm if they are being selected.

Any applicant that score within 45% to 65% should have higher hope of being selected. However, those that score 0% might still be selected just like the minister disclosed, depending on the number of applicants in their geographical location.

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Note: As soon as you are being shortlisted in the stream 2 batch, don’t hesitate to proceed with the verification process. As the physical verification for Batch C Stream 2 will be from 25th of June 2021 to 30th of June 2021.

It will be nice if you share this information with other applicants you know, as it will greatly uplift their hope.

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