Canadian Engineering Recruitment:

Applicants on a hunt to land a job in Canada can now have the opportunity to apply for highly paid Canadian Engineering and Labor Jobs in 2022.

Canadian companies are trying to fill up the job spots with talented individuals from all across the world.

There has been a shortage of workers and engineers observed in recent times in Canadian companies and industries which is why you hold a healthy chance to get selected for a job there.

Canada is one of the places that always appreciates international talent and encourages overseas students to apply for job openings in different sectors.

In the same way, hundreds of multinational companies operating in Canada have announced employment positions for experienced, fresh graduates and qualified engineers who can benefit the industry with their talents, skills, work ethics, and expertise.

If you are an international applicant and want to work as an engineer in Canada, search out the suitable job options listed below with the required GPA scores and salary ranges.

Canadian Engineering Job Salary and Packages:

Working as an engineer in Canada not only promises a secure future and high salaries but also provides extra sponsorship coverage throughout life.

Benefits associated with the engineering jobs in Canada are;

1.Medical and Dental Insurance
Retirement Funds.
2.Heavy Pensions.
3.Bonus Pay with Stock plans.
4.Disability insurance for short and long term.
5.High monthly salaries.
6.Flexible Working Hours.
7.Great chance to enhance the skills.
8.Networking Opportunities.

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List of Available Engineering & Labor Jobs

in Canada:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Jobs

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Electrical Engineering Jobs

Bio-Medical Equipment Technologist Jobs

Industrial Engineer Specialist Jobs

Software Engineering Jobs

Architectural Engineering Jobs

Civil Engineering Jobs

Chemical Engineer Jobs

Petroleum Engineering Job’s

Canadian Labor and Engineering Sector Jobs in 2023


Settle down in Canada by getting selected for any of the following listed Canadian job vacancies:

1# Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Jobs:

The most demanded designation for an engineer in Canada is Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Here, the role of an airplane maintenance engineer will revolve around the aircraft, including its services, repairing, replacements, and adjustments of engine and aircraft parts as per the approved and designed protocols, policies, and procedures of Canadian Airlines.

On the other hand, skills for using a computer and diagnostic tools are also mandatory in this job.

The annual salary of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ranges from CAD $71,395 – CAD $96,989/ year.
The minimum GPA required for the Maintenance Engineering degree is 2.5.

Meanwhile, famous companies like Air Canada, MDA Corporation, Collins Aerospace, KF Aerospace, etc. have initiated recruitment drives at different Canadian universities to bring new and fresh talent to the home. The selected candidates will get a chance to apply for their dream jobs and pass a short employment test. However, selected ones will receive training for the relevant designations.

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2# Mechanical Engineering Jobs:

The prestigious and reputable engineering firms in Canada are looking for competent Mechanical Engineers to provide the services and expertise for various tasks, like engineering calculations, functional analysis, data sheets, and technical work.

Moreover, the selected candidate will also supervise junior and fresh engineers.

The salary package of the Mechanical Engineer lies from CAD $63,498 to a maximum of CAD $78,825/ annum. In the meantime, a 3.0 GPA is needed for a degree in mechanical engineering.

Companies in Canada, like Hatch Ltd, SNC-Lavalin, Bombardier, Stantec, & Jacobs have opened their doors for fresh graduates. For this purpose, various job fairs at multiple institutions are also happening. Meanwhile, interested candidates will have to go through the 15 mins telephonic interview with an assessment to pass the skills test.

3# Electrical Engineering Jobs:

International applicants with an engineering degree in Electronics can apply for jobs in Canada, hunting for a talented yet experienced Senior Electrical engineer who can deal with software scripts, electronic circuits, and biomedical devices.

Meanwhile, the salary of this post ranges from CAD $84,912 – CAD $122,318 per year with additional benefits.

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However, Electrical engineering is one of the most challenging degrees. Hence, international applicants need to score a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Johnson and Johnson, Phoenix Energy Services, Open Systems International, Alta Steel, and Fluor are the companies, inviting applicants via recruitment campaigns at globally recognized institutions for multiple job vacancies vacant for eligible fresh and overseas graduates.


4# Bio Medical Equipment Technologist Jobs:

It is a golden opportunity for all international applicants to provide their biomedical expertise in the biggest healthcare systems in Canada.

Applicants holding a degree or diploma in Biomedical Engineering technology are eligible for this job. Interested applicants must have sound knowledge of medical equipment, its repairing, maintenance, and inspection.

However, biomedical technologists in Canada will earn around CAD $77,185 – CAD $96,919/ year. On the other hand, the minimum score needed for a Biomedical Engineering degree is 3.0GPA out of 4.0GPA.

Alberta Health Services, Eli Health, Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals Ltd, BC Biomedical Laboratories Ltd, and Micrologix Biotech Inc in Canada are currently hiring eligible and passionate students in Calgary and other cities through job fairs at several universities. All you need is to look for a suitable opportunity and apply as per the procedures to become an integral part of the incredible healthcare system of Canada.

5# Industrial Engineer

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