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Important of Hobby in your resume (CV)

INTERESTS Interest are activities, topics that capture your attention. They are what you enjoy doing in your free time or what you are passionate about exploring and learning more about . HOBBIES Hobbies are specific activities that people engage in for pleasure and relaxation outside of their regular work or hobby is an activities Done […]

FG approved agents for diaspora registration

Diaspora registration

The Federal Government has authorized agents diaspora registration across the world for the National Identification Numbers, NIN. Minister of State, Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Zubairu Dada made this understood in Abuja at the Maiden Edition of the Nigeria in Diaspora Commission, NIDCOM, Quarterly lecture series. According to him, the Federal Government realised the impact of the […]

How to turn your land to a gold mine by pawpaw planting

pawpaw planting

Pawpaw planting is a business that yields somuch income.pawpaw is reproduced through seed. To produce the desired characteristics it is outstanding to get seeds through controlled pollination. Use of sterilized soil minimizes losses as a consequence of nematodes and damping- off fungi. Germination of pawpaw planting takes 2- 3 weeks. Another exercise is to sow […]

Sweet words to tell your girl on this Valentine


  Valentine is here with us and every partners is hoping to take a good moments to enjoy the love. Most couple have various techniques of enjoying their valentine. It marks more of what people have gone through in togetherness. Either in marriage or relationship, there must be a period to mess and moment to […]