Cost Of NYSC Online Registration At Cyber Cafe

As the NYSC online registration date is about to commence, we shall look at the total cost of NYSC online registration at Cyber Cafe.

This article will answer questions such as, “What is the cost of NYSC online registration?” What documents are needed for registration at Cyber Cafe?”, and other significant inquiries.

What Is NYSC Online Registration?

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) online registration is a procedure of submitting application structure to the administration of NYSC through the web.

What is the Cost of NYSC Online Registration?

There are two significant payments that each forthcoming corps member will make during NYSC online registration. The following are the payments;

1. Payment for NYSC Call-up letter (discretionary),

2. Payment for Cyber Cafe administration

1. Payment for NYSC call-up letter (optional)

Despite the fact that this payment is optional, I advise you pay. Paying the sum of ₦3,048 will give you access to print your call up letter online.

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But if you do not pay, you will have no option other than to go to your institution for collation of your call-up letter.

If you are foreign trained students, and refuse to pay, you would need to visit the NYSC Abuja headquarters to request for your Call-up letter.

Advantage of paying ₦3,048

  • It will spare you the time and cost of going to your Institution to get your Call-up letter
  • You can never lose your Call-up letter since you can print and re-print as you wish.

Disadvantages of paying ₦3,048

There is no demerit expect that it will cost you extra ₦3,048 during registration.

2. Payment for Cyber Cafe administration

This payment is the money that you pay to Cyber Cafe proprietors for their service. However, you may not pay if the Cyber Cafe owner is your friend or family member or if you own the cyber cafe.

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Also, if you have a computer or a smart phone, you may choose to register yourself without having to pay anyone.

If you must do your online registration at a cyber cafe, the amount of money you will pay depends on negotiation between you and the Cyber Cafe owner. However, the cost for NYSC registration at Cyber cafe ranges from ₦1,500 to ₦3,000.

Documents needed at Cyber Cafe for NYSC Online Registration

Below is the list of documents you need at Cyber café for your registration;

1. Passport photographs: You need a passport photograph; white or off white background without any face obstruction or heavy makeup.

2. Biro: You may need to write at a point, therefore you need a Biro. This will save you time of asking around.

3. Email Account: You will need a functional Gmail address during online registration. If you don’t have a gmail address, try to create one now.

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4. ATM card: You need an ATM card (Visa or Master Card) to pay for call up letter printing. You can also pay via bank deposit.

5. Money: You have to go with some money to pay the Cyber Cafe owner and to sort out other things that may arise.

6. School Matriculation No and JAMB Reg No: If you don’t know this off head, then you need to write it on a piece of paper and take it with you to Cyber café.

7. Documents for Foreign students: All those who studied outside Nigeria need to upload their documents during online registration.

8. Marriage records for wedded ladies: Married Prospective Corps Members who need concessional deployment need to upload their marriage Certificates and other documents.

10. Medical Report: Those who are sick or physically challenge need to upload their medical reports during registration.

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