Criteria For Npower Batch C Final Selection

The Npower Batch C recruitment exercise has been on the move, as more applicants are being selected for the next phase. It therefore means that sooner than expected, most of these lucky applicants will become beneficiaries. Although the verification process is still ongoing, but it is paramount for these successful applicants to know what next after the verification stage. and criteria for final selection.

In one of previous posts, we made it clear that being screened to the next stage does not guarantee you an automatic spot as a beneficiary, because there are lot of things to still put in place hence, this stage is a pre-selection phase.

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After the verification, nest is deployment, and for one to be deployed there are some criteria that must be met. This is why it was stated clearly in the email sent to applicants that being shortlisted for verification does not guarantee final spot in the programme (deployment).

Getting to the verification stage is an awesome thing that worth celebrating, but you ought to meet the following criteria.

Criteria for N-power Batch C final selection

The following things must be met;

  1. Able to log into the Nasims portal successfully via

  2. Access the verification page to confirm status.

  3. After confirmation of scaling through, get your fingerprints captured.

  4. Get the enrollment application installed on your device.

  5. Kindly re-upload your credentials before proceeding to the next tab.

  6. Enter ‘begin enrolment’.

  7. When done, Submit and save details entered on the enrollment tab.

  8. Terminate the process by clicking ‘End’ and Exit the enrollment application.

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With the above steps successfully carried out, there is great percentage of being deployed. Therefore every applicant should take this serious and endeavor to carryout all the steps otherwise faced being dropped from the process.

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