Donation sites in Nigeria to get money for your business

Do you have a business idea, but no fund to start it? In this post, we will show you list of donation sites in Nigeria to get help.

A donation site can also be referred as crowdfunding sites.

Crowdfunding is gradually becoming popular amongst Nigerian entrepreneurs as many of them opt to raise business fund through donations.

Other popular ways to raise fund I. Nigeria are grants and loans.

Donation helps the free flow of money into a project or business.

United States business men are what they are today because of strong backing from people who mean well for others.

List of donation sites in Nigeria to fund your business ideas

Below are the list of donation sites in Nigeria;

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1. Kickstarter

This is a funding platform for creative projects. It is a best platform for artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, writers, illustrators, explorers, and so on.

Creation a project on Kickstarter is free, but if it’s successfully funded, Kickstarter will take 5% collected funds. There will also be processing fees between 3-5%.

2. NaijaFund

Another donation platform in Nigeria is NaijaFund. It helps to easily raise funds for anything including business and schooling.

The platform allows users to connect their account with social media networks where they can easily ask for funds from friends and family.
It is free to create and share your online fundraising campaign this platform, but they will take 10% of fund you get from each donation.

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3. Fundanenterprise

This is another donation site you can count on. Fundanenterprise website built specifically for fundraising activities, solely in the form of grants to support start-up business, small and medium scale businesses in Nigeria.

4. CircleUp

If your business is on building and producing consumer brands, then CircleUp is for you.

5. MicroVentures

This is an equity crowdfunding investment platform. It combines the best of venture capital with equity crowdfunding. Since 2009, MicroVentures has been helping businesses including Facebook to access capital from both accredited and non-accredited investors. You can give it a try.

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6. Indiegogo

This is a global crowdfunding platform that empower people around the world to fund their projects and ideas that matter to them. The platform enables people to generate pre sales and collect feedback from early adopters before they manufacture their products.
Indiegogo offers both live crowdfunding campaigns and a marketplace for innovative products.


If you need donations for your business ideas, plan it well. Think about getting a professional that will help you present your ideas.

The better your presentation, the more chance to run your fund raising campaigns on the platforms mention above.

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