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First Bank of Nigeria Limited

First Bank Commercial Agriculture Credit Loan Scheme – The Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme is a special credit intervention fund of originally, N200billion created by the Federal Government of Nigeria to fast-track the development of the agricultural sector economy by providing credit facilities to commercial agricultural enterprises at a single-digit interest rate.
The key agricultural commodities covered under the Scheme are:

Cash Crops: Cotton, Oil Palm, Fruit Trees. Rubber, Sugar Cane, Jatropha Curcas and Cocoa.
Food Crops: Rice, Wheat, Cassava, Maize/Soya, Beans/Millet, Tomatoes and Vegetables
Poultry: Broilers and Eggs Production
Livestock: Meat, Dairy and Piggery
Aquaculture: Fingerlings and Catfish
Processing: Feed-mills Development, Threshing, Pulverisation and other forms of

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transmutation for value addition.

Storage: Commodities, Agro-Chemicals and Warehousing.

Farm Input Supplies: Fertilizers, Seeds/Seedlings, Breeder Stock, Feeds, Farm equipment & Machineries.

Marketing: Agricultural commodities under the focal investment areas.

1 Single digit interest rate (9% all-in, max).
Single obligor limit of up to N2billion for medium and large scale private sector enterprises and N1billion for state governments.

2 The participating private sector entity must have a minimum farm asset base of N50million (excluding farm land).
Irrevocable Standing Payment Order (ISPO) is required in the case of State Governments.

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3 Fund available till 2025.

4 Loan tenor of up to 5 years.
Value Proposition/Gain

5  Funding provided at cheap cost.
Longer tenor of loan.
6 Funding targeted to specific agricultural production.

Target Market

* Medium or Large Scale Commercial Farms involved in the cultivation of crops, rearing of livestock, fisheries, etc.

* Have Limited Liability Companies involved in agricultural production, storage, processing, marketing, and enterprise development.
State Governments and the FCT (for on-lending/special intervention to small-scale farmers
How to Apply for Commerical Agriculture Credit Loan Scheme
To begin, visit

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