Football Rules of our childhood in Africa villages

Football Rules of our childhood
1, the fatest is always the keeper
2, the game ends only if all players are tired (EXCEP RULE 6)
3, Know matter the score, the team that scores the last goal wins the game
4,there is no referee
5, Only if it is serious
6, If the owner of the ball gets angry the game is over
7, the 2 best players can’t play on the same team, so everyone chooses their players
8, If you are chosen the last one is a humiliation
9, If there is penalty the keeper is replaced by the best player of his team and says “not for good” to mean that after the penalty, the keeper returns to his post
10, when the ball comes out of the playground to a remote destination, it’s the hitter who’s going to get the ball
11, The best player on the ground is always on the same team as the owner of the ball
12, The start a game we always said “Epp the game begins”
13, To distinguish teams, a team should play shirtless
14, A player will kick the ball in the air to start a match
15, All massive attack, massive defence
16,Remember okthe owner of the Ball is FIFA

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