As with every other settings, these are frequently used slogans and terms in the NYSC space. Some are recognised by the NYSC while others are just slang. It is important you familiarise yourself with them now so you’re not surprised when you come across them. Here we go:

Allowance (Allawee)
This is the one I know many has not forgotten. It is the monthly stipend of ₦33,000 paid to cleared corps members nationwide. Some states and private organizations also pay corps members monthly stipends but the amount however varies from state to state.

Area Inspector (AI): This is the NYSC official in charge of corps members in a given area. It is the same as LGI.

Community Development Service (CDS)
This is the practice of giving back to the society by corps members. They render services or construct projects in their place of service.

This is the monthly activity corps members do to show that they are still alive and discharging their duties at their respective PPAs. The form gotten from the employer or head of PPA for monthly clearance is known as clearance letter.

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Corps Liaison Officer (CLO)
The “head corper” or the representative of corps members in a local government. Vital information is most times passed acrossed from the LGI to the corps members through the CLO.

Mami Market
This is a collection of shops in orientation camp where corp members can find everything they need from canteen to tailors and cobblers. Some camps even have shawarma and arcade games. Call it the relaxation spot for corpers, camp officials and soldiers.

Prospective Corp Members (PCMs): Recent graduates who are just about to start NYSC. Majorly defined as a graduate who is yet to be sworn in by the NYSC.

Platoon: This is a military term used in camp to denote corpers been splitted into groups called platoons.

Platoon Inspector: This is the NYSC official in charge of a platoon.

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Posting Letter
Also know as PPA letter, it is letter containing details of where a corps member is posted for the completion of NYSC. This is issued after the 3 weeks camp completion.

Platoon Commander: The corps member leading a platoon during parades.

Platoon Leader: This is the corps member assisting the platoon inspector in coordinating platoon activities.

Place of Primary Assignment
This is the duty post where corps members are issued clearance letter every month. It is the place where they serve their fatherland four times a week.

Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED)
This is the skill acquisition program set up by the NYSC to provide corps members with beneficial skills needed for self-reliance after service.

Otondo: Also called ‘white fowl’, it is a friendly word used to describe new corps members. It can also mean a mumu or a Jon Snow corps member who knows nothing.

Passing Out Parade (POP): That is the end of your NYSC year. The last parade before getting your NYSC certificate.

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Book of Life: A huge book signed by corp members in camp or at the NYSC State Secretariat.

State code: This is the official state identification number given to all corps members after registration in camp. It contains your state abbreviations, year and batch and a unique number.

Senate List: This is the list of graduates received from institutions eligible to register for NYSC.

Revalidation: Application for revalidation is when the PCM registered previously but failed to go to camp after printing call up letter

Remobilization: Application for remobilization is when the PCM went to camp but failed to report to PPA or absconded.

Domicile Letter: A letter from a husband to NYSC applying for redeployment of his wife to his state of residence stating clearly his home address.

Double up: This is a military slang used in orientation camps by soldiers when they want to tell corpers to run faster.

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