How Linda Ikeji, others make Money Blogging

How do people make money blogging and what are their incomes? When I first started as a blogger, this question always pop out in my mind and I would reflect deeply on this question repeatedly.

Sometimes, I would pick up my laptop and Google search, browsing through the internet to see if I could find the answers to this question. I wanted to know if I would make it as a blogger.

Most times I was disappointed at the result I got from my intense search on the internet. Only a few number of sites had the answers to my question. I was so obsessed with this ultimate search (to know what Nigerian bloggers make per month) that I forgot blogging at a point.

As a newbie in blogging or if you have given your full time to blogging, this question must have come across your mind and you would like to know the amount of income you can generate as a blogger. Most times you just wonder how much other successful bloggers generate.

I will tell you as much as I know about how much this well-to-do bloggers generate per month. But don’t be carried away by the amount of money they make.

As you realize how much these successful bloggers make, do not feel downcast over your own self. You may think you are not doing enough to get to their level or that you have made no income from your blog because of this you might want to quit.

Don’t let such thoughts becloud your mind. You can become successful with your blog over time as you put your mind and effort to it. Do not allow your achievements as a blogger be defined by the achievements of other successful bloggers.

Let me give you a little of information about how much income these Successful bloggers in Nigeria generate.

Know that these figures are just an approximate calculation. The amount stated here may vary with the real amount these bloggers generate. This is just to give you an idea of how much you can make as a blogger.
I will use Linda Ikeji‘s blog as an example to highlight the different means successful bloggers generate money in a month.

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So, below are how Linda Ikeji generate money with her blog at

1. Earning from Traffic

2. Earning Google AdSense Advert

3. Earning from Sponsored Posts

4. Earning from Custom adverts

5. Earning from Site Take-Overs

6. Earning from Top Banners

7. Other source of income.

1. Earning from Traffic (Amount of views per day)

Linda Ikeji launched her blog in 2006 as a news and entertainment blog. Based on the research conducted by SEMrush, in a month up to 1,000,000 searches comes from LindaIkeji’s blog. That means up to 1 million people make a search on Linda ikejis blog in a month. These search are revenues of Google Adsense.

Based on assumption if this 1 million people that search for Linda Ikejis blog can view a single page of her blog, she would get like 2 million views daily (a single person can view a page multiple times). Her site will attract a huge amount of revenue. The amount of income generated on a blog or website is based on the traffic (views) that comes to the site.

Now, you can imagine how much Linda Ikeji will generate in a month. This is just the estimation of Linda Ikeji’s Monthly Income. Now lets move to the aspect of Advertisements

2. Google AdSense Advert

There is always an image on the right-hand side of the blog which is a Google Adsense advert.
If there are multiple views of this advert daily lets say an estimation of 2 million views based on the number of traffic and there are 3 to 4 Google Adsense Advert daily then, Linda Ikeji will generate a sum of $80,000 translated in Nigerian currency as N 28,000,000 in a month.
But this is just an estimation of what she earns on adverts alone. Most times there are more advert on her blog.

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3. Sponsored Posts

Linda Ikeji generate money from sponsored posts. These posts appear on the blog in form of normal news. There is a N55,000 naira charge (based on assumption) for every sponsored post that comes into her blog. Most times in a day, there can be five or more of such posts or even less. When you sum up the amount for five or more post in a day at N55,000 within a month, she will generate an estimated amount of N1million.

4. Custom adverts

Linda Ikeji generate income from adverts placed on her blog by a company or an organization that want to showcase their products and services. Custom advert such as UBA, GTB and Access bank appear on Linda Ikeji‘s blog. Based on some enquiries made, it is said that a Custom Ad cost about #500,000 a month to advertise on a site. So, you can imagine if ten companies place their Ads on Linda Ikeji‘s blog. She will be generating a total of six million a month approximately.

5. Site takeover

What are site takeover? Just as the word implies. Site-take over is a situation whereby an ad man (advertiser) manages your site or blog and pays you for it. Though, this phenomenon is often used by site owners. Blogs like Bellanaija and Lindaikejisblog sometimes generate money through site take overs. It is said that Linda Ikeji bill N750,000 minimum per site takeover for a week. This might not be entirely true let’s just put our fingers crossed. So, when you calculate the total of N750,000 every week, in a month for four take-overs, just imagine the total (N3,000,000). That is a very huge figure and imagine if there are over four take overs.

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6. Income from Top Banners

These are another form of advert on a site. Usually they come in a block- like form flashing at you to click them. Whenever you visit you would see these top banners. Everyone of these banners goes for about N1million in a month approximately. In a month a total of 4 weeks equal 4 million.
Linda Ikeji makes alot of income from this source listed above. she may be making approximately 42 million naira monthly. Don’t forget that this is not the actual figure or amount she makes.

7. Other source of income

Not only does she generate income through her blog. There are other ways Linda Ikeji generate income. Such ways are through brand ambassadorship and through LindaIkeji TV which made approximately 30 millon the first month it was launched.
She could gain a house in Banana Island, bought the latest car models for her siblings with the income she earned through blogging.

Though other blogs such as, etc. are also generating income through blogging it might not be as much as what Linda Ikejis makes but the fact still remains that enough money enters into their bank account every day.

Now you know why blogging is a source of massive wealth and why some of these Nigeria bloggers make a lot of money through blogging.
With dedication, hard work, creativity, persistence and planning. You too can make it as a blogger.

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