The answer to this question is relative because it is not the same for everyone. I mean how do you determine how much is enough for others to enjoy themselves?

Here are the categories of corps members I met while I was in camp in 2015. I have adjusted the prices to reflect the current economic reality.

1. The Manager (This is the category I belonged because I practically managed myself)
1. 400 naira per day which averages 8k – 10k.
2. Spend the whole day in the kitchen.
3. You might not even get to spend it, so save it and buy 500 Naira suya on Saturdays with chilled Coke.

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2. The Average Guy (Not so rich, not so poor)
1. 1200 Naira per day which averages 24k – 30k.
2. You can eat one meal a day at mami (2 at the camp kitchen).
3.  You will still have some change left for snacks, coke, beer, etc.

3. The Balling Guy (Category for the heavy pockets)

1.  2,300 Naira per day which averages 46k – 60k.
2.  Eat all your meals at mami with cold drinks to wash it down.

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Double the budget if you:
3. Want to be taking girls to shawarma joints or restaurant.
4. Want to be treating your guys to chilled bottles every other night.

My Advice
Be like the average guy and you will still enjoy camp. 30k after transport fare and every other expenses is good enough. No go do pass yourself!

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