How Npower Batch C Applicants Can Confirm Successful Biometric Capture

Ever since the Five hundred thousand (500,000) Npower Batch C’ Stream 1 applicants were shortlisted, issues of accessing the Nasims portal has been the talk of each day. Although the network is a bit better now, but some applicants still complain of not being able to complete the fingerprints capturing.

As at current, without the fingerprints capturing one cannot be deployed. This therefore mean that the current phase of verification is something to be taken serious, as it will define the success of the shortlisted applicants.

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Some applicants actually accessed the portal meant for the enrollment of the fingerprints, but weren’t sure if the capturing was successful due to one reason or the other.

Well, we have decided to prepare this post to guide such applicants on how to confirm their biometric verification (fingerprints capturing), if it was successful or not.

How to Confirm the Fingerprints biometrics on the Nasims Portal

After you must have followed the instructed steps in carrying out the fingerprints capturing, you can confirm by doing the following;

  • Visit the official Nasims portal
  • Ensure you login with your details (email, application ID, and right password).
  • Locate the ‘Verification’ icon/button, then click on it to direct you to a new page.
  • The sign ✅ will be seen with the write-up ‘Fingerprint Captured’. Otherwise, refer you to go complete the fingerprint Verification.
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Note: The fingers that must be captured during the fingerprints capturing are;

a. Right thumb

b. Right index

c. Left thumb.

d. Left index.

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