How To Apply For RenMoney Loan in Nigeria


In this article, you will learn how to apply for RenMoney loan in Nigeria.

If you need a quick loan in Nigeria, RenMoney is here to help you. However, loan is not what you just get like that. There are requirements you need to meet.

Hey! I don’t want you to panic over requirements or procedures to follow because they ain’t supernatural.

Just keep reading, everything will be shown to you right here.

RenMoney requirements for a loan

To get a loan from RenMoney, you must meet their requirements before they consider you as eligible for the loan.

This is so important because RenMoney wants to secure their funds by making sure they give loans only to the right people.

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RenMoney requirement for a loan is as follows;

1. Borrowers must be between the age of 22 and 55,

2. You must have a regular paying job and sufficient salary,

3. Borrower must be living and working in Lagos State,

4. You must have a bank account with a Nigerian bank,

5. Evidence of your monthly incomes,

6.  A report on your previous loans from a credit bureau,

7. Official Statement of your Bank account,

8. A recent photo of you (colored, of a passport format, taken no earlier than 6 months back from the present date),

9. Borrowers should have a staff identification card from their place of work,

10. You need to provide your tax or pension identification number,

11. Letter from the HR of the company where you work,

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12. RenMoney will need your recent utility bills,

13. Identification card or a valid document which can prove your identity.

How to apply for a RenMoney loan

You can apply for RenMoney loan online with your smartphone or computer from the comfort of your home.

All you should do is to go  to the official RenMoney website to fill and submit your application form.

After they verify your email, they will send to your email the necessary details of RenMoney loan.

Make sure you submit accurate information to make the process fast.

The more accurate your information are, the faster your application will be.

If your loan application is being approved, you will receive a text message from RenMoney information you when the money will be sent to your bank account.

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Presently, RenMoney only allows having one loan at a time and applying for only one loan.

If they know that you have loan from another place or from them, they will not give you another loan.

If you want to repeat the loan, you can take it again after making payment for the current loan.

RenMoney top-up loan

There are situations when it’s allowed to take another RenMoney loan while the current one is still being paid back.

This one is called a top-up loan and can be given to you when you complete paying back one-third part of the current one.

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