How To Become A Successful Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

Real estate business is an appreciable investment in a country lile Nigeria. Even if other business crumble, it has no or little effect on Real estate. In this article, we shall look at how to become a successful real estate agent in Nigeria.

The fact remains that, land property will continue to appreciate. It doesn’t depreciate.

You can better understand the relevance of the job if you have bought or sold a land property before. This makes people venture into this business.

Therefore, Real Estate Manager/Agent is someone who renders services relating to procedures involved in the acquisition of land property.

However, it is recommended to carry out research on this topic so as to know what it entails to be a Real Estate Manager or Agent.

However, it is advisable to carry out a practical research whereby you meet a Real Estate Manager/Agent. This will help you to know the advantages and disadvantages therein.

Furthermore, you have to pay attention to the rules guiding the operations of the business, the money required and the risk(s) involved.

Nevertheless, This article will help you understand the ways by which you can be a successful Real Estate Manager/agent.

How to become a successful real estate agent in Nigeria

Ways to become a successful Real Estate Manager/Agent includes the followings;

1. Training

There is no profession that does not require training! Therefore, you have to get yourself trained to acquire all the required skills in the filled.

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In lieu of the above, you are required to undergo training at an accredited Real Estate Agency or you register for an online course in Estate Management to acquire a certificate in the field.

Thereafter, you become a valid Real Estate practitioner. This will award you a legal license to operate in Nigeria.

Owning a certificate in this field and with your good communication and relationship skills to persuade clients in order to make them believe in you strongly so as to patronise you can also grant you an opportunity to be employed in an Estate Management Schools.

You can go online to search for Real Estate Schools in Nigeria to enroll.

2. Business Plan

You have to make your business plan available. This will entails your input which is the startup capital and the expectations (returns).

You have to write your plans down and follow them judiciously. This will make you successful in the field.

This also entails strategies to be adopted in achieving your goals. You have to plan well because proper planning prevent poor performance.

Furthermore, it’s very important you write down your expected outcome in the future.

3. Registration

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is a federal body responsible for registering of organizations, businesses and associations in Nigeria.

As a certified Real Estate agent, you have to register your agency to make you respectable and a legal agent in the field.

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After registering with CAC, you will be given a certificate, then your Real Estate Agency becomes a registered agency.

With this, your clients will have confidence in you and you become a reliable agent.

However, you have to register under Real Estate Associations which is very important. This will make you a recognized member in the field.

Example of such association is the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN).

4. Awareness

You have to create awareness to get the attention of your clients. Make yourself available online! In doing this, you can create a website or app where you can be accessed and reached.

There is competition in every businesses. Therefore, you have to go ahead of your colleagues and reach larger audience.

With your awareness and presence online, there is possibility of reaching more clients and take the lead above your colleagues.

5. Passion

Putting passion into something drives such thing to an enviable height! You’re required to put passion into this kind of business if you determined to be successful in it.

This will however be made evident in your dealings with your clients and as a result, you earn their heart!

6. Connections

In life, we need ourselves to be successful! It is difficult to be successful alone. Therefore, connection will make your Real Estate business to record outstanding success.

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However, you need to be in good relationship with your potential clients and other real estate agent.

7. Office space and Address

In this business, your contact information is very important. Most essentially, your physical address will be needed by your clients.

However, you need to have social media links, email address and phone number(s).

You may have a client that will prefer a physical contact with you, hence, the need for office space. This is where people will be able to have direct access to you.

8. Advertisement

Advertisement will help you reach large and right audience that your Real Estate business needed.

You have to go out of your locality and publicise what you do. This will expand your coast in the business.

Make use of available means of advertisement either on Television, News paper, Radio or oral advertisement.

9. Skilled personnel

On the long run when there is high demand for your service which is the prayer of everyone in this field, you will need skilled personnel who will help you to meet your targets on time.

More clients will require you to share the work with your hired skilled personnel. This will help you meet your target within a stipulated period of time without delay.

With the above ways, your success in Real Estate business is guaranteed.

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