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Are you an applicant of the Npower Batch C recruitment exercise? Have you taken the test, and got your account screened for the next stage of Verification? If ‘yes’ then glance through this post, as we give the simple steps on how to get your biometric captured on the Nasims portal.

The Npower Batch C recruitment which is still ongoing, has gotten to the verification phase of which most applicants are lucky to have their accounts cleared. After the link to the compulsory test was closed, applicants were informed to update their records, as their uploaded documents will be screened.

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As at current, some persons (applicants) have gotten their uploaded documents screened successfully, while others are still on the queue hoping to pass this stage also.
After being successful, applicants are to capture their finger print, which is another compulsory aspect of the recruitment process, after the CBT test.

How to get your fingerprints enrolled in the NASIMS Portal

The simple steps to take is as follows;

  1. Visit the official Nasims portal by clicking here []

  2. Login with your details (email and password).

  3. Once your profile is opened, locate the ‘Verification’ icon/button and click on it.

  4. Kindly click on the capture finger print to get your finger captured. Although one can only see this link once he/she has been successfully shortlisted for the verification stage.

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Note: The biometric capture is for further verification of the applicant’s details. Hence, those who must have failed to input any important information can contact the Nasims support team via to get it rectified. Some applicants were able to use their phones to get their fingerprints captured, but you can go to any cyber café to get yours captured, once unable to do it with your phone.

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