How to make cockerel and broiler to grow fast

Are you a farmer looking for the best opinion to raise Broilers and Cockerel?there are some advice for that, many farmers seems it as difficult while others in another view seems it possible,but am with possible group since I don’t belong to careless group.It is not a must to do magics of chemicals to Broilers at all cost but several obvious strategies will work for that.Take a look of this 7 programme that will work the best of your poultry.

1) Provide Enough Space

Broilers house should be big to avoid developing of vices in Broilers stock, the benefits of giving spacious is that the Broilers will prevent cannibalism, ensure well feeding,and poor egg laying.The recommend space is 1.3 metres per square.

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2) Practice Sorting

Sorting is the process of separating of big size and small size chicks.sorting should be done weekly or pro-weekly.this is to prevent being bullied by other birds.

3) Balance Diet Feeds

Feeding in poultry should be done according to the programme scheduled,for example 1-4 weeks chick should be fed highly with chickmash which contains slot of protein and carbohydrates this will boost fast growth and energy provision directly.4-7 chick will be fed on growers while older growing chick should be fed on Layers or Broilers.Feeding the chick well anable it to give strong immune against some diseases.

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4) Provide Feeds and Water

All feeds illustrated above should be fed with no regulations on how and when to stop rather it must be given enough.starvation on poultry should be prevented at all cost.

These are few steps to add on your skills of poultry farming,The simple tips to boost egg production secret coming sooner than later,to know feeds that stimulate more eggs Follow my platform


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