How to Make Money on Facebook – Complete Guide

Facebook is a social media platform used by many people to communicate with one another. This social media network has over 2.1 billion active users, and this number keeps on growing. In this article, you will learn step by step procedures to make money on Facebook.

Aside allowing you to connect with friends, Facebook also offers excellent opportunities to make money.

Facebook enables some features that allow anyone to make money, as they connect with people all around the world.

The platform has a global reach and allows posting text, pictures, video and audio content for registered users.

With Facebook one can easily reach out to people they love no matter the distance.

However, one interesting thing about Facebook is that you can use it to make a lot of money, and this post will teach you how to make money on Facebook.

Shall we begin?

To make money on Facebook, there are two major things that are involve, and we will discuss them one after the other. Below are the two major things involve;

A. Creating a Facebook account, and
B. Making money with Facebook account.

A. Creating a Facebook account

To become a member of Facebook, you need to first, sign-up for a personal account; if you don’t have an account before.

Basically, there are three sections to choose from such as;

  • Facebook Personal account
  • Fan Page
  • Groups.

Anyone can make money on Facebook using any of these three sections, but two sections that will yield more profit are; Facebook Fan Page and Facebook Group.

This is because they have no restrictions on the number of “Followers” or “Likes” to have. Unlike Facebook personal Account which allows only 5000 friends.

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How much you earn on Facebook depends on the number of Friends or Followers you have, so limiting yourself with 5000 friends is not ideal for a serious business person.

Making money on Facebook requires patience and time. It is not a get rich quick scheme. You must be able to follow every step to accomplish your aim.

Steps by step procedures for creating and building Facebook account to make money

How to make money on Facebook

1. Go to to create a Facebook account if you don’t have account before.

2. Create a Facebook page or group or both

Creating Facebook group and fan page

3. Have a lot of “Likes,” on your Facebook page and a huge amount of members (followers) in your Group Account.

Tip to create and build facebook page;

1. Choose a page name. One that will draw many people to like your page.

2. Select a good profile picture and a cover photo.

3. Invite all your friends to like your Facebook page.

4. Tell your friends to share your Facebook page on their wall.

5. Engage your audience by posting new content like photos. messages, and videos to spice up your page.

6. Post things that people will like to comment on, show their reactions and share to their friends and when their friends see your post they will like your page.

7. Boost your page by purchasing Facebook ad (if you have money)

These ways, your number of “Likes” will increase. One or two post per day is enough at growing stage. To make your fan page a lively and active, engage your audience in conversations.

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Tip to create and build Facebook Group account;

1. There are two options to choose from either a “Public” or “Closed” Facebook group. Please, don’t choose “Secret” Facebook group.

2. Closed group grow faster than Public group for some reasons I don’t want to disclose here. But in closed group, members cannot share the group’s posts, and only group members are allowed to see posts on the group unlike public group.

3. Add all your friends to that group.

4. Tell your friends to add their friends to your group.

5. Change the settings of the group so that every group posts must be approved by the admin or a moderator to prevent unwanted posts. Unwanted posts irritate and force some group’s members to exit.

6. Engage your audience by posting content like photos, messages, videos to spice up your group.

7. Post things that people would like to comments, shares, like and express their thoughts.

If your members like the post they will share your posts, and their friends will also see and like the post, thus more members will request to join the group.

8. One or two post per day is enough. To make your Group account active, engage your audience in conversations.

B. How to make money with Facebook account

Below is how to make money on Facebook;

1. Push traffic to your website

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. Advertising and selling your Products

4. Pay-per-click (PPC) network

5. Publicize smaller pages

6. Public Promotion

7. Sell your Facebook page or Group

8. Famebit and other Agencies.

Below is how the above listed methods of making money on Facebook work;

1. Push traffic to your website

For this to work well, you need a blog or website fully monetized with Ad Network such as ‘AdSense’.

And your website should be on same niche(topic) with your Facebook page or group to attract enough traffic.

There may not be traffic at all, if your Facebook fan page is about fashion or Technology and your website is about music or sports.

Create a website and use your Facebook page to bring more traffic. All you have to be doing is copy and paste the links of the articles on your website to your Facebook page.

This method is used by many website owners to increase their traffic to over fifty percent.

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Note: Providing quality content should be your utmost concern. It shouldn’t be a place just to share your links or make a purchase through affiliate link.

The reason people liked your page at the beginning is because of the quality and relevance of the content.

If your Facebook page or group is filled with unwanted content, then your members will begin to unlike your page.

2. Affiliate Marketing

You can earn money through affiliate marketing on Facebook. Affiliate marketing goes a long way in the history of online marketing.

In this form of marketing you advertise products and services of major companies using social media platforms like Facebook and if the person buys that product you get a commission.

Every sale that you make through your affiliate link you receive a commission. To earn money on Facebook through affiliate marketing, open a Facebook that focus on a specific product.

For instance, your Facebook page can be all about the latest phones.

All you need to do is register as an affiliate marketer on any affiliate platform and advertise phones or phone accessories on your Facebook page.

Copy and paste the affiliate link of the product on your Facebook page, write a small review about the product.

As long as your Facebook page is about the latest phones, you will surely make sales because your Facebook page contains audiences interested in phones.

You can choose from any of these platforms that offer affiliate marketing programs. Konga, Jumia, Sharesales, ebay, Amazon, Flipkart, Makemytrip, Yatra, Impact Radius, and more Commission Junction.

You must bear this in mind that the likes or share doesn’t guarantee payment. You need to own a business or engage in affiliate marketing to make money through Facebook.

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3. Advertising and selling your Product

Facebook is also an online market place where you can display and sell your products or business.

Many people use this means to advertise their products.

Your business should be in line with your Facebook page or group in this way you attract more customers (followers) and after purchasing your product, they also recommend their friends to you.

For instance, if you are into bag making, you can snap your already made a bag and post it on Facebook for people to see.

Another way you can earn is by opening an account with websites like mydreamstore and register with them.

You don’t have to display your bags, just a prototype (a design) of your bag and post it on the site, fix a selling price.

When customers visit the site, if they like the bag, they will make an order.

The site will take care of the production and shipping. At the end you earn your income the site also earn their profit.

You can as well sell your product through Shopify. They have a basic plan in which you register with them at $30.

Create a profile for your online shop with a brand domain name for example (

Snap your product and follow the step-by-step procedures provided to advertise your products.

To showcase your products on Facebook, copy and paste the link on your page. To avoid a complaint from your followers on Facebook, post the link once in a while.

Once an order is made, you transport the product to the customer you receive your reward.

4. Pay-per-click (PPC) network

Also known as Cost per click (CPC). This is another way to advertise online.

With PPC you can draw traffic to websites through Ads. When an advert is clicked, the advertisers makes payment to the to your account.

With platforms such as viral9 and Revcontents you can engage in PPC. You earn money once you register with these platforms and share their link on your Facebook page.

Copy and paste the link of the advert when your audience click on the link, you receive your reward. You earn more when you have a lot of your audience in Nigeria and from Tier 1 countries such as USA, UK and CANADA.

5. Publicize smaller pages

The number of fans (people) on your Facebook determines how big your page is and once your Facebook fans increases, your rating will increase.

People will contact you to help them promote their pages and they pay you for it. There are so many pages on Facebook generating income through publicizing and recommending other small pages.

Recommend and create awareness about other smaller pages on your own page you get paid.

6. Public Promotion

This is also known as direct advertising. So many companies and business owners are looking for ways to reach out to people to creates awareness about their products and services.

At this point your Facebook page will be of help to them especially if you are always active and you receive over 500 comment and 2k likes on every post.

By creating awareness about these companies either through your page, group or timeline, you earn income.

7. Sell your Facebook page or Group

At some point you may sell your Facebook page or group.

Companies and business will purchase your Facebook page for some amount of money. You can sell your page at about N200,000.

All you have to do is contact any company (through a phone call or email) that are looking to buy a Facebook page and let them view your Facebook page.

Provide them with your Facebook link to confirm if it is what they need. It is only when you have a huge amount of members that you can sell your Facebook page.

It is the amount of members that the companies are looking for to reach out to many people as they can.

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8. Famebit and other Agencies
Some agency help companies or business owners by linking them with a Social Media influencer.

A social media influencer is someone active on social media and can persuade a customer to either purchase or buy a product.

You become a social media influencer for these companies. Agencies such as Famebit provide sponsorship for your social media page which enables you to earn income.

Register with these agencies on their website and connect your social media account with them.

Through the site send proposals to companies or business owners are in search of your kind of Facebook platform where they can advertise their product and services to large customers.

Another way to make money is by searching for different companies and writing proposals on your Facebook page.

This is an eye opener for so many people who are looking for ways to make money not just on Facebook but on the internet.

With this information at your finger tips you can change the way you use Facebook. Begin to use Facebook to make money money. We wish you all the best!

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