How to make money on WhatsApp: Step-by-Step guide

A lot of people have been trying to find a way or perhaps ways they can make money on WhatsApp. In this article, I will show you legit ways to make money on WhatsApp.

The way WhatsApp is designed makes it very easy to make money from it. Yes, there is a lot of ways to earn money using WhatsApp.

How to make money on WhatsApp

You will be able to make money on WhatsApp after reading this post, and the good news is post is packed for free.

The basic things you need to make money on WhatsApp are

Two basic things you need to make money on WhatsApp are;

1. Contact List: you need to have as many people as possible on your WhatsApp contact list.

2. Group Chat: you need to be active in many WhatsApp group chats or create your own groups.

Please note that the amount of money you can make on WhatsApp depends on the number of contacts and WhatsApp Group chat you belong.

How to make money on WhatsApp

Below are ways you can make money on WhatsApp;

1. Blog traffic,

2. WhatsApp Marketing,

3. Posting Short Links,

4. Affiliate Marketing,

5. Business or Skills,

6. Application Referrals,

7. Downloads from Website,

8. WhatsApp Training.

All these ways  are explained below:

1. Blog traffic

This is one of the ways I make money on WhatsApp. If you’re a blogger, you can use WhatsApp to pull in traffic to your blog. In fact, most bloggers use this method to generate income.

Traffic is money. The more traffic you get on your blog the more money you make, so you can use WhatsApp to pull traffic to your blog.

To make money through this way, you need to first create a blog, monetize the blog and then use WhatsApp to generate blog traffic.

Traffic is the number of people that views your blog posts, and WhatsApp has been proven to be a better way to get blog traffic.

For instance, if your blog is about ‘Fashion’. You can create several WhatsApp groups or join many groups relating to fashion.

You can always share your blog post link on the WhatsApp groups. So, when the members of the groups click on the link, it will take them to your blog.

Below is an example of how I make money on WhatsApp my blog links on WhatsApp.

I used link shortener to shorten the link I share on WhatsApp, although there are many other link shortener providers.

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How to make money on WhatsApp

If anyone click on that link, it will take the person to my blog and I will make money.

2. WhatsApp Marketing

This is another great way to make money on WhatsApp. You can become a WhatsApp business promoter by promoting people’s business on WhatsApp.

There are several companies that want to advertise their products/services on social media and websites. They want to reach out to as many customers as they can.

Most of them provide a section where people can make a comment or contribution about there product or service.

Once you find this opportunity you can advertise yourself using phrase like this, “I can connect you with 1000 new customers via WhatsApp, contact me if you are interested”.

The internet is enormous world of its own. Someone or a company somewhere might contact you anytime, bargain price with them and map out a strategy on how to promote or advertise the company’s product and services on Whatsapp.

3. Posting Short Links

Someone must have sent you a website link in short form on WhatsApp, and you were so curious to know what it says, then you reluctantly click the link or you copied and pasted the link on your browser to view it.

Did you know that when you click the link, you will be taken to a blog or website where ad will be served to you and by viewing or clicking the ad the other person who sent you the link will get paid?

These links are usually referred to as short-links because they are the short form of a website link that connects you to the main website.

So, to reduce the size of the link and/or to prevent people knowing the source or where the link will take them to when they click it, you can shorten the link before sending it to them.

Follow the steps below; 

  • Create a page on your website or blog and place lots of ad on the page.
  • Copy the link to the page
  • Go to Url Shortener and shortens the link i.e.,,,
  • Copy the short form of the link and paste it to your WhatsApp group, contacts or share it on your Whatsapp status.
  • When they see and view the link, an advert (s) will first appear before showing them other things like; article or news they intend to read. In this process you earn money.
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That is why you need to have a lot of contacts and group chats to earn plenty of income because the more people read your contents, the more money you make.

4. Affiliate Marketing

You can make lots of money through marketing with affiliate links and it is easy to do.

This method comes in handy, especially with those group chat that pay interest to a specific area of conversation. For instance in a group chat that all they talk about is Fashion or gadget devices.

Tell them about the latest dress and how beautiful and lovely it is or about the latest gadget or computer device and what they do.

Before this you must have registered with affiliate networks online such as Amazon Affiliate, Commission Junction, Jumia Affiliate, konga affiliate and so on.

When you register for affiliate program, they will give you a link to advertise their products and they pay you commission for every sale made through your link.

What you have to do is Copy the link of the particular product you are advertising and paste it on the group chat or share it with your contacts.

Before pasting the links, have a discussion with them, try to convince them by giving reasons they should buy the product. Those interested will click on the link to make a purchase after which you get a commission.

Imagine being in a group that contains 200 members, and you promoted a product that costs N10,000 and N3,000 is your commission for each sale.

If 20 people from the group make purchases, you receive 60,000 as commission.

Always be polite with your clients and be certain they are interested in the product and if they show interest, make sure the product is available for delivery anything, anywhere.

5. Business or Skills

If you are into a business or you are good in a skill, then you can advertise this on WhatsApp. This means you can earn through WhatsApp by promoting your own business or skill.

For instance if you are a fashion designer, photographer, graphic design artist, have any other skill or if you sell a particular product or offer a particular service, you can create a business card and send to your contacts or group chat on WhatsApp.

When you can’t afford any product, you can build an online store of your own and engage in ‘drop-shipping’ which is copy and post the product of different suppliers, together with the links of these products to your WhatsApp group chat or contact.

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Those interested will click on the link which direct them to your online store and if they place an order, the suppliers of that product will ship the goods to them and you receive a commission.

6. Application Referrals

It is possible to earn money by referring application to people. You can find these application on Google Play Store.

They will pay you for referring someone to use the app. They might give out recharge cards and other rewards.

Using google search, type “apps that pays to refer a friend”. Though the income might not be much but it will add value to your bank account.

7. Downloads from Website

Did you know you can earn money by uploading files such as pictures, videos, music, games and other contents to websites and you get a commission for every download?

When you upload a file and someone downloads it you get paid. It’s unbelievable right? Well, the truth is you can do it.

This is how to go about it;

  • Join group chats or connect with people on WhatsApp that are interested on a specific file
  • Look for these files (such as music, comedy, games and so on) uploaded these files to the websites like (,
  • Copy and paste the links on your WhatsApp group chat or individual contact

So, once they click the link and download, you earn income. But, before they can downloads any file, the sites will display a survey or advert for them.

When they are done with the survey, they can download. The site earn money through these surveys and advert to pay you.

8. WhatsApp Training

Another way to make money on WhatsApp is by organizing e-seminar or training through WhatsApp. I have met a lady who is good in making natural beauty products. Guess what?

She organized WhatsApp Training to teach people her skill. She charged N2000 for each participant, and she got about 230 participants; that is N2000×230 = N460,000.

If you have any skill you know very well, you can consider organizing a WhatsApp training for persons that are interested in learning. You can teach them using text, pictures, and videos.

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Over to you!

Now, you know how to make money on WhatsApp, what will you do?

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