How to make money with online survey

Paid survey is one of the most popular ways of making money online. Since surveys are important for manufacturing companies to grow their businesses, they hire market research companies to conduct surveys and analyze people’s opinions about their products and/or services. In this article, you’ll learn how to make money online with online survey and everything thing you need to know about survey companies.

What is an online survey?

In simple terms, an online survey is a method of collecting information from target audience over the internet through the use of online questionnaire (web form). The research companies store the answers, opinions or response of their audience in data base, and then provide analytic results using statistical software.

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How does online survey work?

Having known what an online survey is, you’ll get paid by spending your time answering survey questions, usually by giving your opinion about a product/service of a particular organization. So, you can join the market research companies, and make money online by participating in their surveys.
You can make extra money from paid survey sites by providing your opinion. Some surveys do not take time to complete, each survey may take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. Payment for survey varies. For example, a survey of 20 minutes may pay $1 to $2.
You have to compare various survey sites and choose those you think are more rewarding.

What are the methods of receiving online survey payment?

Depending on the site, some survey sites pay through paypal and some sites pay with gift voucher i.e Amazon gift card.

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Tips to join online survey sites

1. Sign-up with your active e-mail address.

2. You should have a paypal account to receive your money

3. Always check your e-mail for active survey.

4. The email used to sign up for paypal must match with the one used to sign up for survey sites

5. Join many survey sites as possible

List of legit online survey sites

Beware of fake online survey sites that never pay after completing their surveys.

Below is the list of legit survey sites to make money online.

1. Vivatic
3. Opinion Outpost
4. Global Test Market

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See more list*

Pros and cons of online survey


  • It does not take much time to complete;
  • It suits everybody even those with tight schedules;
  • It does not require permanent contract;
  • You can only answer questions relating to you, and skip some;
  • It can be done with your smartphone;


  •  Most surveys sites are not available to everyone, because they are location based;
  • Some survey have expiring time;
  • You’ll have to join many survey sites before you can make a living from it;
  • Fake survey sites mix up with those that are legit.


To start making money through online survey, sign up with legit survey wesites, CIick Here to start.

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