How You Can Make Money with Opera News Hub

Have you heard about the opera news hub or perhaps you’re just learning about it? Guess you would like to give it a trial. In this article, we will show you how to make money with opera news hub.

Whichever way, in this article I will share with you how to make as much as $300(108,000) every month with Opera News Hub.

Several messages have flooded my inbox from readers (from Nigeria mostly) asking for ways to make money online without a website.

Well, I have decided to share with you this good tidings.

Without a website you can easily make a consistence monthly income with Opera News hub.

All you only need is the willingness to work 12-48hours a week and be handsomely rewarded for your good effort.

Presently, you are being paid every 15th of each month for your past month income.

What do you understand by Opera News Hub and how does it work?

Before we continue our journey on how to make money with Opera news Hub, I will like to give you an info about how it started.

The opera news hub is a new online media platform where bloggers and article writers can uncover their creativity.

It connects coherently with other opera mobile apps like the main opera mini browser. This means that article writer will have the chance to connect with more readers worldwide and be discovered the more.

Get more social media followers at the same time, and circulate their article all over the internet.

This mostly means that the more publicly your article gets on the news hub the more probable income you make.

Opera is a freeware web browser itself for the following systems:

* macOS

* iOS

* Android

* Linux

* Microsoft

It was developed in 1994 and was carried by the opera software in 1995, everything was dull and uninteresting which ultimately brought us to opera news hub.

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How you can make money with Opera News Hub

This is actually an easy step, it is not difficult to do. So remove all manner of fear, don’t be carried away by the blogger and content creation terms.

Making money with Opera news hub is very simple. All you need to do is to bring up interesting and amazing stories and post them at will.

Your article must be at least 150 words, but you can write as many words as you can write.

The trick to make more money with this platform is to write as many articles as possible.

If you can make as much $30 from one story, think about what you would make for 20 or more of such articles.

Everything boils down to your effort. Are you willing to give more time? How much time you give in can easily increase your income.

What happens when you can’t write or don’t have the time to write?

Supposing you don’t have the time to write your own article yourself, or you are simply not good enough when it comes to writing. There is a good news for you.

Do you know you can actually farm out an article for yourself? There is a platform where you can get an article written for you for as low as $2. The platform is called hirewriters.

Here is the business. Suppose you make a minimum income of $10, then you pay $3 to someone to write the article for you. After these expenses you will now be left with $7. Is that not a good profit?

The most interesting part of it is that you can retrieve your article the next day making the procedure faster! And do not forget that the least word count is 150 words. So you’re at gain!

If this sounds good to you, you can take a step to hirewriters and get your story written.

More so, if you are good in writing, you can as well be paid as a good writer too on the HIRE WRITER platform. Are you prepared to get started?

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Guidelines to start making money with Opera News Hub

Follow the steps below to create an account with Opera news hub and make money;

1. Create an account with opera news hub

Visit the opera news hub portal to create an account. You will see “login/sign up” button to create an account.

How You Can Make Money with Opera News Hub

If you choose to login with Google, you will be asked to enter your gmail password. Or if you choose to login with your Facebook, they will ask you to enter your Facebook password. Just free to enter your password, they word store it.

You will be required to confirm your login details on the first page, just click on the confirm button to proceed to the next page, which is seen on the image below.

This is just your hub information and all about your blog on opera news hub.

Webmedia name: This is the name you would rather want to give your blog on opera news hub. It is not your personal name.

Category: This is the category of article you would  be asked to choose to write from. You can pick any of your interest, though you will not be restricted to the category you chose.

Profile picture: This will serve as your profile image. It will be seen in every article you write.

Description: This gives a brief explanation of what your hub is all about.

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2. Enter your account information

After your hub details, the next step is your personal details which also stipulates how you get paid.

All you need to do here is to provide the correct information about yourself on the form which will be given to you to fill.

Enter your OPay number as the means of your payment. Once you have successfully filled all the information requested, you can then go to your account and start publishing your articles.

Although, as a new member, your account will be under probabtion for some hours before being activated.

3. Publish your first post

After your account is activated, and everything is properly set, you can start to post articles directly from your opera news hub dashboard.

How to Make Money with Opera News Hub

Article title: This  is where the title of your article is displayed. Try your possible best to use appealing title that can attract readers.

Content: This is where the main body of your article is written. The H1 and H2 header feature will be useful for your content. You can get it to add headers to your content.

When you have completed this, scroll down and click on the blue button to publish your article.

How you can get paid with Opera News Hub

The way your articles can make money for you are stated  down below.

  • Your will get a traffic bonus of N0.036 for 1click.
  • You will get a traffic bonus of N3.6 for 100 clicks.
  • 1000 clicks gives you a traffic bonus of N36.
  • 10,000 clicks gives you a traffic bonus of N360.
  • 25,000 clicks is 2.5 × 360 = N900.

Bear in mind that since the opera news hub is a huge platform, it is easy to get more than 10,000 clicks in a short while.

Also, you will be paid as well for posts, shares and comments of your articles.

Any article with more than 100 engagements will be eligible for the engagement bonus which is N1,800 per engagement.

You will not be eligible for an engagement bonus if your article engagement is less than 100. But every engagement with over 100 or more is eligible for a bonus.

Take for example, 250 engagements will get 2.5 x 1,800 = N4,500 as engagement bonus.

Secret to getting your article approved faster on Opera News Hub

Beware that not all articles are approved on the opera news hub. Copyright articles will be disqualified, and also avoid the temptation of copy and paste.

Again, avoid using titles with the following words:

  • Amazing
  • Twitter goes wild
  • Unbelievable
  • OMG
  • Shock
  • Shocking, and so on.

These words are used to lure readers to click on them, so they are considered as clickbait.

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Final words

In opera news hub you will get to make money for former works you have done long time ago. It is just a casual way to make money online.

No difficult thing involved. You just have to create a short article of 500 words or less and publish it. You have more chances of making money when you have more articles to publish.

It’s over to you now, what is your perspective about this? Is it worth to embark on or just a complete waste of time? Your opinion will be highly appreciated in the comment section below.

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