How To Make Big Money From Bean Cake (Akara) Business

When you take a walk down the road you will definitely see one or two people frying akara, also known as bean cake. Bean cake business is a very popular business in town.

Some people like eaten it with bread, pap, custard, or oat. Akara is prepared not only in Nigeria, but in other West African countries.

Preparation of Bean Cake

1. The quantity of beans will determine the amount of akara that will be prepared. The beans are picked(selected) by separating them from the unwanted items(such as small stones, tiny sticks and any other debris).

2. After separating the beans, the next process is to peel away the outer layer of the beans. This is done by soaking the beans in water for a little while but not for long.

Once the beans enters the water, it is removed immediately so that it will be easy to wash off the outer layer away from the beans.

If the beans stays too long in the water then it will be too difficult for the outer layer of the beans to peel off.

3. Then using both hands to rub the beans together. As the beans rub against each other the friction between them allows the outer skin to peel off.

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Once the outer layer goes off the inner body of the beans remains white.

4. The next procedure is to sieve the outer layer of the beans from the beans itself. This process takes quite some time.

The outer layer of the beans floats while the main beans itself sinks and remain in water. This way it is possible to sieve off the outer layer.

5. After sieving out the outer layer of the beans, the next stage is the grinding process. This is done when every outer layer of the beans has been separated completely.

A grinding machine is use to grind the beans into a paster form. Other ingredients such onion,pepper, crayfish and other spices are added and blended together.

How to start bean cake business

Why you should start bean cake (akara) business


1. Easy to start

It is very easy to start a bean cake business as most of the equipment needed to make the bean cakes can be gotten from home.

2. Requires less capital

Akara business doesn’t need much carpital to begin. You don’t have to rent a shop in order to start. You can find a corner in front of your house or along the road with an umbrella or a makeshift kiosk to shade the sun and rain away.

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3. No training required

It requires no training but as time goes on there will be improvement in the way bean cakes are prepared.

4. No registration required

Other businesses requires registration to start but akara business can commence without going through any documentation.

5. More value comes immediately

The moment you start the bean cake business, you begin to gain profit and earn more value.

What you need to start bean cake bousiness

Below are the things you need to start the business;

1. A place to stay

This could be a shed made from an umbrella, corrugated sheets or wood. To keep the sun away during the day and rain during the raining season.

You don’t need to construct a structure, most peoples find a corner to stay because it is a business that do not require the whole day.

It is mostly done early hours of the day (morning) and during the evening time. This is like a “take out” fast food where customers come, make an order and then go.

2. A place to sit

Most customers would like to hang around and eat before rushing off to work in the morning or just hang around to discuss with friends after work in the evening.

Some customers prefer the akara when it is hot they would wait for the one that come out of the fire immediately.

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There would be need to provide a single bench in case the customers prefer to stay around. Not only for the customers but for you the business owner.

Surely, it won’t be easy standing all through. There are moments you would want to sit down and rest your legs.

3. Fuel

When I say fuel, I do not mean petrol. It could be firewood, charcoal or even gas. Most people use gas when the demand for the bean cake is high in order to meet up with the rush. Gas cook things more faster.

4. A frying pan

A bigger frying pan is needed to contain large amount of moulded bean cake so that large amount can be fried at a time and ready for delivery.

5. A spatula

You need this to scoop out the beans cake from the hot oil.

6. A pan, bowl, or sieve

You will need this to place the bean cake inside.

7. Wrapping papers and polythene bag

This is used to wrap the bean cakes before handing it to the customers. While polythene bag is used to place the wrapped bean cake inside and give away.

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