How To Make N2 Million From Whatsapp Within Six (6) Months

Aside using WhatsApp to chat and connect with friends, you can make genuine money from it. Facebøøk and other social media platforms are not left out of this. The only reason I’m still using Facebøøk is because I make a lot of money from it. I mean legit money.

Here I will show you how I made over N2m on WhatsApp within 6 months. After publishing this post on my website, it met with criticism from some people. However, I don’t blame the critics because this is the WhatsApp they use everyday that someone is telling them it is an oil well.

I’m not trying to sell a book or make money from people, so why would I spend my time writing what is not true?

As an entrepreneur, I like sharing expensive ideas with people. Get ready to grab this one. It is about how to make money from WhatsApp. This is not a scam, I will show you how it works.

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Below is how I made over N2million from WhatsApp:

1. I created over 50 WhatsApp groups for a specific niche. Niche is a carefully selected topic that you’ll be focusing. It can be health, N-power, fashion, football, recipe, NYSC, finance, job, etc.

2. I filled each of the 50 groups with a maximum of 257 members (that’s, the WhatsApp group members maximum capacity). 257 (members) × 50 (groups) = 12,850 (members).

3. I monetize all the 50 groups, and make money from it.

Six (6) methods I used to monetize the groups are:
1. direct adverts
2. affiliate
3. services
4. marketing (information)
5. short links, and
6. referrals

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Note: There are other monetization methods you can use. But make sure the monetization method match with your niche.


a. I locked all the WhatsApp groups, allowing only Admin to post, this helped me curb spams and junk messages.

b. Do not be anxious or discouraged when some people leave your groups, it is part of the business. But try to make them not to leave.

c. I did not add anybody to the group by myself, they joined willingly through the group links. If you add someone to your group, there is about 98% they would exit the group, but if they join by themselves through group’s link, there is about 20% they would leave the group.

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d. Be ready for insults from bad mouths. As for me, I drank insults like water. Some times people would say “you jobless WhatsApp admin, better go and find a job”. Just be courageous.

Thank you for reading. Make sure you follow me on any of my social media platforms.

Humphery (the entrepreneur).

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