How To Open Nigeria Business Paypal Account

– How to open Nigeria Business Paypal account that can recieve money
How To Open Nigeria Business Paypal AccountIn this post, I will show you the step-by-step instructions to open Nigeria Business PayPal account that accept payments in Nigeria.

What is A PayPal Account?

A PayPal account is an online banking platform that enables you to send and recieve money all over the world.

PayPal makes online banking very easy as you can send and recieve money from any country of the world.

Types of PayPal Accounts

There are to major types of Paypal accounts;

  • Personal PayPal account;
  • Business PayPal account.

Over the year, PayPal banned Nigerians from receiving money through their personal PayPal account.

This is because some Nigerians allegedly used the service to defraud foreigners on eBay and many other platforms.

Since then receiving money through PayPal account in Nigeria has not been easy, especially for those who have legitimate online business in Nigeria.

However, the ban has been partially been lifted, as Nigerians can only make payment or send money through their PayPal accounts. But cannot recieve payment.

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But there is now a way to open authentic Nigeria business PayPal account for receiving money in Nigeria.

It’s an excellent improvement to those that are into legit online business in Nigeria.

In the past, it was difficult to open a PayPal account that can recieve money in Nigeria.

As at 2010, Nigeria was still restricted from having a PayPal account.

But as at 2014, PayPal allowed Nigerians to open an account that can only send money or make payments.

That type of PayPal account was useless to online entrepreneurs in Nigeria since they cannot receive money.

But now, everything has changed. PayPal now allows Nigerian businesses owners to receive money.

You can use this great opportunity to increase sales in your business.

If you are into online business in Nigeria, you can now use PayPal to recieve money by following the guidelines on this page.

How to open PayPal account in Nigeria

1. Go to

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2. Fill the sign up form by entering your;

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address, and by
  • Create your password

3. Click “Next” button. Once you create “Next”, it will take you to “Welcome,! Let’s create an account for you” page as show below;

4. Click agreement box to accept PayPal terms and conditions.

6. Click “Agree and Create Account” button.

Congratulations! You have successfully created PayPal account. Go to your e-mail inbox, you will seen verification link PayPal sent to you. Make sure you verify your e-mail.

But there is a problem!

You can use the PayPal account you created following the steps above to Send or make payment.

Now, I want to teach you how to create PayPal account that accept Payment.

How to open business PayPal account in Nigeria to recieve payment

Follow the steps below;

1. Go to Paypal merchant;

2. Enter your email address

3. Fill the sign up form

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4. Click “Create New Account”

5. Fill “Sign up for a Business account form”

6. Accept the user agreement and privacy policy

7. Click “Agree and Continue” button

8. Provide additional information about your business.

8. Click “Continue” button

9. Certify and Submit your application.

10. Go to your email inbox to verify your email and follow other instructions.

Congratulations! You can now recieve money in Nigeria through your business PayPal account.

How to link a card to your Nigeria payment account

After creating a PayPal account, the next important thing is to add your MasterCard or other supported card to your PayPal.

Follow the steps below to link a card to your PayPal account;

1. Login to your PayPal account;

2. Select “PayPal wallet”

3. Choose which card to link to your account

5. Confirm your online token

6. Click “Agree and create account”

7. Go to your registered email account with the bank that confirmed you have created a PayPal account.

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