How to solve bank problems without going to the bank

How to solve many bank problem without going to the bank.Having a bank problem is inevitable, it is an everyday incident in among clients of a particular bank. Good afternoon and welcome to my page. Today I would be showing you 3 common bank issues and Ways you can use to solve them.

It is important to note that I am writing out of a banker’s perspective, because I am a banker by profession. Sometimes it marvel’s me to know that lots of people still encounter down minor issues in their account. This issues could range from inadequate documentation, wrong Date of birth on BVN or not receiving bank alert on their phone.

During my days in Diamond bank, I have seen customers coming all the way from other states to my branch in Lagos, just because they opened the account in Lagos. This is bad. It is crucial to know that what ever problems you have can be figured out in any branch of the bank you found yourself.


I think this article would be of big advantages to those, who have various account problems, and they cannot visit the major branch where the account was actually opened. A customer service representative would always tell you to visit the branch where you opened the account, but the truth is only those who do not realize their right in the bank would fall for that.

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It is the responsibility of the Customer service representative in the bank to serve you to your comfort, anytime you are being told to visit your branch, tell the customer service representative to send a mail to the customer service representative of that your branch in your behalf, from them your problems would be solved .

To prevent all these issues I see it vital to share with you 3 common cases you can solve in the bank without going to your branch. no debit cases

it means that your account can receive payment but you cannot withdraw from the account. Most times this issues occur from incomplete documentation. It could be that your your account doesn’t have a reasonable means of identification, or a utility bill. Or sometimes this type of cases arise when you use your account for fraudulent activities.

To handle this type of cases without heading to the branch where you opened the account, it’s either you visit the closest branch with the documents, they would help you by scanning the papers to your branch, then your branch would attach it to your account. In 2 working days your account should be fine.

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2. Not receiving a transaction alert (credit or debit).

This is the vastly common cases faced by Nigerian bank clients. Most times this problems might not be the fault of the bank, it could be the fault of the telecommunications network used by the client.

However, if you experience this type of issues, rather than going to the bank, you can call the customer service representative number via your mobile phones (You can get this numbers from the internet).

Before placing the call, make sure your account details, like account number, address on the account, last three transactions on the account, branch of the account are remembered by you. Because the online customer care executive would ask to confirm if you are the actual owner of the account.

To also avoid this type of cases happening, try and include your email address in your account, you can as well get transaction information on your email address. It is very easy and free to open an email address if you don’t have any.

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3. If you do a transfer and you were debited but the beneficiary did not get the alert.

Do not hurry to your central branch, if you made a transfer to another bank and you were debited, but the beneficiary did not get the money you transfer. You can solve this problem in any branch of the bank that is next to you.

Once you get to the branch tell them your problem, but note down the time of transaction and the day. You would be offering a form to fill, the refund is usually 3-5 working days. You can also solve this type of problem by calling the online customer service.

The only problem that should take you to your branch should be a BVN thumb print. Other cases can be solved in any branch of the bank that is close to you. Remember the bank is there to serve you, don’t be scared of the suit the banker’s wear.



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