How To Start Barbing Saloon Business In Nigeria

Here we will guide you on how to start barbing saloon business in Nigeria and make over N500,000 per month.

Have you ever imagined what it takes to start a rewarding and highly profitable barbing saloon business in Nigeria?

The barbing saloon tools, kits and equipments needed to make your business flourish and popular in town? Or how to draw an effective barbing saloon business plan?

The answer to the questions will be unfolded to you in this post.

I decided to share this guide with those interested in setting up a barbing saloon business in Nigeria after a series of practicability study in this business.

Barbing saloon business is among the list of top lucrative business in Nigeria that do not require any certificate to start. No doubt it is a lucrative business to start up easily.

I will like to start by explaining some terms which may appear confusing to some people.

What is a barbing saloon?

A barbing saloon is a shop people visit to get haircut which may also include hair treatment, dying, dreading and other beauty related services.

Many barber shops in the country render the services mentioned above, the reason why Nigerians refer to it as barbing saloon.

How much income do barbers make daily?

The answer to this question depends on individual capability as there are some factors that determine how much profit a barber can make daily or monthly

These factors include:

  • Quality of shop and services
  • Location
  • Number of hours put into the work
  • Cost per head for haircuts etc.

In Enugu suburbs the average price for haircuts is #300 while in towns like independent layout, New haven, G.R.A, Trans-Ekulu etc may require between # 700 to #1000 for a haircut.

Having this mind, a saloon located in Enugu suburbs will cost over 6,000 per day for 20 haircuts a day, while a saloon located in the town can cost as much as 14- 20,000 per day.

Saloons established in busy areas is much more higher than just 20 haircut per day.

Assuming we calculate using 20 haircut for instance, it becomes 20,000 per day x 30 days in a month which gives you #600,000 a month.

In a nutshell, a barbing saloon erected in a good location could bring much profit as high as #600,000 monthly, this is more than the #500,000 stated at the beginning of this post.

So consider the extra #100,000 a bonus.

From the calculation it is obvious that some barbers are silent millionaires. Some of them make more money than degree holders.

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Kits, tools and equipments used in a barbing saloon

Certain equipments, kits and tools are used to operate in every business to run smoothly, this is so in barbing saloon. Although while some of these appliances are a must use in business, you can do without some and still run your business effectively

The following equipments are needed in a barbing saloon for a good functionality.

  • Quality clippers
    Standard generator
  • Steriliser
  • Durable rotatable barber chairs
  • Air conditioners and/ceiling or stand fan
  • Wall mirrors
  • Cover clothes
  • Cosmetics ( sprays, dyes, relaxers, hair creams, conditioners, facial powders etc)
  • Other tools like combs, scissors, blades, tissue papers etc.
  • Towels and towel warmer
  • Entertainment system
  • Waiting chairs
  • Wiring and power sockets/lighting
  • Cupboard, tables etc.
  • Barbing saloon pictures and wall paper
  • Barbing saloon business plan in Nigeria

Barbing saloon is surprisingly very easy to setup and so I thought of posting it here for easy accessibility

In anyways, you still got to have a plan B of a business idea so that you don’t get disappointed as you move on.

How To Start Barbing Saloon Business In Nigeria

1. Find out a lucrative area

If you are really interested in making a minimum of #500,000 per month from your barbing saloon, you have to discover the most lucrative area around you. This is because location matters so much in business.

What can we say about a lucrative area?

  • A lucrative area is highly populated.
  • Has a good value haircut.
  • Few established barbing saloon around to compete with you.

These are one of the most important things to bear in mind while choosing a location for your business.

2. Check out the cost of setting up a barbing saloon in your area

If the question, What does it cost to set up a barbing saloon business in Nigeria has ever popped up in your mind, then the answer is there is no specific cost required.

It depends largely on how big you want it and your location.

Some saloons could cost as low as #200,000 for a start while some can cost as much as #2,000 000 to start.

You may put in more capital raising up a business in a lucrative area but the advantage is that you will realise your capital and even more within few months of setting up your business.

Another thing you must also know is that you will spend more money if you desire to open a saloon that can accommodate as many as 3-7 people while you spend less for fewer number of people.

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Again, what contributes more to starting your barbing saloon is the gadgets and appliances you have.

The number, ( are they enough to serve more people?) The quality, ( do they meet customer requirement?).

The size, ( are they fit for the purpose?) All these contributes to the overall cost of setting up your barbing saloon business.

3. Rent your shop and furnish it

As you search for a good location so do other business people, therefore, once you locate a good position don’t hesitate to take it up immediately incase someone else maybe having an eye on it too.

Busy towns constitutes good locations. If you stay in such places you will understand the reason for good location for your business. They are hotcakes.

Remember the Barbing saloon equipments, kits and tools mentioned earlier they are very important.

Nobody would want to patronise a saloon which does not have all or most of the equipments listed here.

All the equipments listed above are very necessary and important.

If you want to make over #500,000/monthly then you must be up and ready with these equipments.

4. Give your saloon a cool name

Choosing an epic and memorable name for your saloon plays an important role in the success of your business. These cool name can also serve as a source of attraction for your customers as the name may sound cool to their hearing.

Suggest a name that is easy to remember, fascinating and interesting.

You still recall some barber shops you have visited and refer to friends because of their easy-to-remember names.

For your business to be well known within your area and beyond, as well as referring your business to others is a good reason to give your business a cool and fascinating name.

5. Employ good barbers

If you are a good barber you can work for yourself. You can also employ a good barber to work for you and pay you a stipulated amount daily or weekly.

Whether you work for yourself or employ a barber, you must ensure to render the best services to your customers for good reckoning.

You must learn how to barb, not just to learn but be a good barber if you want to work for yourself.

If you do not know how to barb, it is advisable to step aside and learn from others to become an expert in your business.

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This is because quality services are the first things expected in a new business to draw and retain customers.

Nevertheless, if you will choose the services of other barbers who will give you daily or weekly cash, then they must have the zeal and qualities needed to build a new business to grow.

Be careful not hand over your new business to a learner or inexperienced barber or your business will be on the way to doom.

6. Acquire a license

Find out the necessary license you need to get or some payments you need to make as a new business in your location to avoid embarrassment of any sort from union or government officials.

7. Publicise your business

How do you promote your new business? Do you sit in your shop and let your saloon announce itself? Or you sit there waiting for luck to shine on you?

If you want to make it in your new business you must try as much as possible to notify people as soon as you start your business.

Below are certain methods you can use to advertise your business.

  • One-on-one conversation
  • Advertisement via radio or TV stations
  • Social media- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp etc.
  • Fliers
  • Banners and posters

There are other methods of creating awareness which you may find more preferable not only the ones listed above.

8. Create good and lasting impression

Do not forget that bad news spreads faster than good news. First impression matters a lot in any business.

Try to be nice and polite to customers plus other good manners of approach if you want to succeed in your business.

Try to maintain and retain a good relationship with people and avoid anything that will bring bad news to you or bad news about your business in your area especially within the first few period people will notice your business around.

Customer satisfaction should be your goal. Therefore, be polite and friendly to them and very importantly, give them the best and satisfying haircut they desire to have.

If you maintain these principles, you are sure of winning over many customers who may also directly or indirectly promote your business, and before you know what’s up your business will be well known in town.

If this information was valuable to you we will like to hear from you by dropping your contribution in the comment box below.

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