How to start catfish farming business in Nigeria

It is a well known fact that catfish business is a lucrative business in Nigeria and other parts of the world. In this article, we will teach you how to start Catfish farming business in Nigeria.

There is no risk associated in operating a catfish farm unlike the snakes farming business that we previously discussed.

Catfish farming business involves rearing of catfish for commercial purpose, and we are here to educate you on how to start it.

We will give you the best catfish farming tips, so you can start your own and make money like others.

There are so many things we will explain here which you need to know about catfish farming before venturing into the business.

Overview of catfish farming business in Nigeria

It is a proven fact that catfish is one of the most commonly eaten fish around the world. So, whenever you hear the word “point and kill” don’t crack your brain wondering what it means. You point at a live catfish and it will be killed for you for pepper soup or barbecue.

There are a lot of people in Nigeria who catfish farming business have made millionaires.

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There are a lot of Catfish millionaires in Nigeria, and about one third of them didn’t really make deep research.

The only fact they held on to, is that Catfish business can make one rich, and today there business is thriving.

Catfish farming business is something that anyone can start anywhere, especially in tropical climate like that of Nigeria.

Before you start a catfish farming business, below are some important questions you need to ask yourself.

How much capital do I need to start a catfish farming business?

The amount of money you have would determine your starting level; small, medium or large scale. If you have small amount of money, then start small.

How many Catfish farmers are in my vicinity?

Having this knowledge would help you know where to attach yourself for practical training or in setting your competition strategies.

What is the demand for Catfish in my area?

Since demand is not equal everywhere, you need to know what the demand is like in your locality.

Can I have the time to oversee the farm or do I need to employ someone?

Knowing this will help you for proper budgeting.

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What is Catfish farming Return on Investment?

You need to find out how much you will be making from your catfish farm. If the profit is not want you want, you should checkout for other business ideas.

Best guide to start Catfish farming business in Nigeria

Just like any other farming business, catfish farming also requires some important fishing facilities. Below is how to start catfish farming facilities in Nigeria;

1. Get a piece of Land: You need an area of land to start your catfish farming business. The size of land you would need depends on what you can afford.

2. Construct a fish pond: You need to hire experience meson/engineer to construct your fish pond. The plumbing works must be carefully done because an error has the potentials to ruin your business. Please, use either concrete or plastic pond.

3. Get overhead Tank: The overhead tank serves as the water reservoir for the fishes. You may connect the tank to a borehole or pay water tank vehicle for water supply. Use chemically treated water to maintain good health of fishes.

4. Purchase Fingerlings: Now, that your fish pond is ready, the next step is to can get fingerlings from recommended farms. Catfish fingerlings have different breeds, so consult experts to know fast growing and disease resistant breeds of fingerlings in your locality.

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5. Feeding Catfish: It is advisable to feed your fish with quality foreign feed like coppens, multifeed, Zeigler, etc. for the first 2 month. You can as well supplement especially at the first month with grounded tilapia or clupeid, to ensure maximum intake of required amino acid to kick start their growth and once they are on that part you are already on your way to success.

Catfish can be fed once or twice a day. Please note that excessive feeding of fingerlings increases the cost of rearing catfish and thus results in wastage as this may only result in marginal growth increases.

Feeds are also a primary source of pond water pollution and excessive feeding constitutes a water management challenge.

6. Selling your catfish: It takes an average of 4 to 6 months for catfish fingering to mature and be ready for sale. You can sell your catfish in various fish markets across Nigeria or supply to hotels, bars, retailers, etc.

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