How to start clothing business in Nigeria

There isn’t a lot of guidance out there on how to start a clothing business in Nigeria. It’s either the knowledge is too vague, or people just aren’t sharing. But we are of the opinion that the more we share, the more we grow.
So, let’s assist you get that clothing line idea out of your head and on the runway.
A fashion-based business is one that would often survive regardless of what is happening in the economy. It doesn’t matter if there is an economic downturn or galloping inflation, people would often wear clothes. Even though the clothing business is a very lucrative one, sadly a lot of people are not knowledgeable of how simple it is to start one on their own. We find that most people would rather finalize for retail, afraid of how impossible the journey might be.
The truth is, realizing how to commence a clothing business in Nigeria isn’t that tough. In fact, you can become the another top designer if you put your best foot ahead.
But consider these factors first;

Know Your Niche

One of the first things to learn is the niche you want to serve. The fashion/clothing industry is very broad – from maternity and womenswear to children’s clothes and industrial garments. And even those have sub-categories.Work out what niche you want to attend to and then you can begin.

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Acknowledge it or not, you can’t do it all alone. Granted, you might begin alone, but as soon as you’re able to, get credible help. You can do this by renting hands to sew, supply etc or outsourcing to another company to employ on your behalf. Your team wants to consist of designers, tailors, marketers, sales reps and much more.

Don’t get overwhelmed – begin with who you have available right now and invent from there as soon as you’re able to.


How much will it amount to commence a clothing line? How would you get money for your business? Do you have all the money you need to commence your clothing line? If you don’t, how do you intend to raise the needed funds? Do you have a good credit rating to be able to borrow money from financial institutions and if you don’t, what is your backup agenda?

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All these questions play a significant role in the accomplishment of your business.

This is another crucial factor to consider. Before deciding on a location, you have to consider factors like competition, the tax laws in that area, access roads, electricity, affordability, proximity to your suppliers and employees, safety, the potential for growth and much more.

Understanding the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is an instantly changing one. Trends come and go just as the sun rises and sets. For you to prosper in the clothing line business, you must completely know your clients and their taste. You must maintain the skill to foresee trends, months before it knocks the market. Most importantly, you must be efficient and flexible in your schemes.

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Develop a Brand

There are many random brands in the market that pay no mind to their brand identity etc. It is important that you do. Pick a creative & unique name that will help your brand stand out. Stick with a colour palette, design, tone and more. These play a huge role in helping your audience recognize you from the hundreds of brands out there.

Register Your Brand

This might appear like it doesn’t really matter, but this is very significant. Why? It not only makes your brand legitimate but limits the opportunities of having your brand name or designs pirated. Maintain your business and valuable ideas from those that might want to embezzle from you.

Did you just commence your clothing brand? Share some more tips on how you got begun with us!

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