How To Start Dog Breeding Business In Nigeria

Dog breeding in Nigeria is a successful business, and you too can join it right now to make money. In history, dogs are known to be the most popular pets in most Nigerian families.

There is the right breed of dogs for every personality and situation, but have you ever wondered where those dogs and puppies come from?

Reasons for dog breeding

Several reasons have emanated for dog breeding business being so popular in Nigeria this  days.

First point is that there are pet lovers across the nation and their choice being puppies and dogs.

So, it would be an amazing thing to give friends and families a beautiful pet that they have longed for.

Secondly, dog breeding business is a challenging and lucrative business but cannot be compared to other challenging and labours intensive business.

Another point is that dog breeding business is a very profitable business if you run it very well. You can sell the most demanded breeds of puppies for N100,000 and above.

How to start dog breeding business in Nigeria

Below are ways you can run your dog breeding business in Nigeria:

1. Go for market survey

If you love dogs and have a desire to build a lasting dog breeding business but you don’t have any experience in the dog breeding industry, you have to research and go for market survey.

Make a research on the most popular breeds, which  breeds are easier to keep, where and how to get your customers for patronage.

It is advisable to get support from a professional who has more knowledge about the business if you are inexperienced in dog breeding business.

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You can also hire a professional veterinarian who can help you with most aspects of the dog rearing business or you can partner with a person who is grounded in the dog breeding industry.

2. Make a choice of breed

Many dog breeds are available in the market so there are dozens of dog breeds you can rear in Nigeria today which calls for choice of breeds.

Although they require different conditions of living as well as different target market. A popular way to breed dogs for example is to sell them to the military and police.

But in reference to that, you will need to keep specific breeds like Rottweiler and German shepherd and train them well.

Breeding dogs like Beagles, Chihuahuas, Bichon frise and other small and medium breeds can be lucrative but inexpensive.

Meanwhile breeding guard dogs like Tibetan mastiffs and Pitbulls are more lucrative, but these breeds of dogs and puppies also require special care and lots of food expenses.

3. Get every necessary thing you need

You will have to acquire every thing necessary to train a dog. You will need to construct a special pen called dog house which should be equipped with anything that can make your dog comfortable.

These includes dog beds, water and food bowls, and dog toys. Your dog house should have proper ventilation and kept away from harmful elements.

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As a professional, you can not breed your dog from your bedroom or kitchen.

Another thing you need is to now buy dog for breeding. Female dog can have up to 4 healthy litters in her lifetime, but male dogs can mate a virtually unlimited number of times.

Female dogs usually reach the age of mating at 8months old, but it is not advisable to allow them to mate during their first heat.

You can buy dogs aged 1+ years to ensure healthy mating, pregnancy and birth. The number of dog you want to start with depend on your capital and business plan.

4. Take proper care of your dogs

You will need to take a proper care of your female dog once she gets pregnant. Your responsibilities as a good breeder does not end after the mating process.

You need to make your pregnant dog comfortable, provide her with a healthy and nutritious diet, as well as consult a veterinarian for regular medical check-ups.

The veterinarian can also assist you with the birthing of the puppies, check the health of the female dog and her puppies after birth and arrange a good living conditions for the healthy growth of the puppies.

When the puppies have gotten to the ages of 1or 2 months, you search for their buyers.

It is recommended to do a little background check on the people who will buy your puppies to ensure your puppies can grow up in a healthy and safe environment.

You should not bother to give name to your puppies because buyers or their new owners prefer to name their puppies as they desire.

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Where to sell your dogs in Nigeria

There are five best websites to sell your dogs in Nigeria. They are:

1. Nairaland (

Nairaland is a popular website known for its educating and entertaining forum. It also has a pet section for marketing of dogs. You can try this out for selling of your dogs.

2. Olx Nigeria (

This is another website for marketing of dogs and classified as one of the best platforms where you can sell your dogs in Nigeria. You have to be careful for scammers which may come in different ways.

3. Jiji Nigeria (

Jiji is one of the most visited online market place. It grew from nothing to popularity within a short period of time leaving behind most of its competitors.

The website is said to have a large number of dogs related products. Beware of scammers while selling your dogs online.

4. Dog Market Nigeria (

This website have generated over 10million naira in dog sales. The site which was launched over the last few months recorded a massive turn-up in dog sales with lots of buyers who visit the website daily.

5. Facebook (

Facebook is quite effective and you can take advantage of the already built traffic and dog groups to remain at the top.

The site has been one of the most effective platform for selling of dogs and related products.

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