How To Start Egg Distribution Business In Nigeria

How to Start eggs distribution business in Nigeria

Distributive business is the process of moving goods from the producer to the final consumer. Therefore egg distribution means to facilitate the movement of eggs from the producer (poultry farmers) to consumer. This is all about buying eggs from poultry farmers and supply it to those in need such as; individuals, hotels, industries, supermarkets, hotels, shops and many more. In this post, we shall be looking at how to start egg distribution business for massive profits.

Egg distribution business is one of the most lucrative businesses undermined by some people. It’s profitable, and anyone who starts it will make profit. One good thing about this business is that it is not capital intensive (doesn’t require much money to start).

If you’re in Nigeria or any other African country, this business is a an opportunity for you to make money. Just make sure you follow our guide on how to start egg distribution business.

If you have poultry farm, fine! But if you don’t have, don’t worry! You can still become a successful egg distributor.

Egg contributed a lot in making poultry farming a lucrative business due to its nutritional value and high demand.

Why egg distribution/supply is a profitable business

1. Large population of consumers: The number eggs consumers is very large and wide in variety. This includes; homes, industries, hotels, restaurant, schools and many more.

2. Industrial use: Aside direct consumption, eggs are used to bake snacks, breads, cakes and cook food. Also, eggs are used by some companies to manufacture gums, process food, make beauty products (creams, cosmetics etc.), and more.

3. Source of protein: Eggs are number source of protein for man. It can keep people in good health.

There is no doubt that egg market worth billions of Naira in Nigeria. If you start the business today, you’ll have the opportunity to tap into billions in the egg market. We encourage you to give this egg distribution business a try.

Opportunities in the egg distribution business

1. Unlimited high supplies

If you are into egg distribution business, you can supply to hotels, restaurants, supermarket, bakeries, cosmetics industries, home, boarding schools, and more. Supplies can be daily, weekly or monthly.

2. Industrial supply

Eggs are used for industrial purposes. Some companies used eggs to make glue, creams and other products. So, there are some companies that need a constant supply of large quantities of eggs for production.

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3. Fitness

Fitness centres advise their clients to eat lots of eggs to gain protein needed to build their bodies and gain considerable muscle mass. You can supply to these centres.

The advantages of egg distribution business

Here are some advantages of egg distribution business;

1. It requires little capital to start

2. Easy to start

2. It requires no skill or qualifications

3. It brings steady income

Why many people eat egg

People eat egg because of its great taste and nutritional value, especially in growing up children that require eggs in their meal for its protein and cholesterol contents, essential for healthy growth and improved performance. According to research, an egg is a source of Iron, and provides our body with 6 grams of protein. Enriched with vitamin A which enhances vision. Also contribute to the building of our immune system.

Eggs are one of the healthiest natural food we can consume. In our daily meal eggs can be eaten with bread, food such as rice, spaghetti, noodles and so on. It is used in the production of snacks such as egg rolls, chin-chin, cakes, and so on.
The benefits of eggs propel people to eat them daily. Often people go a long distance to get these eggs.
As a business-minded person, you can think of ways to supply eggs to people to satisfy their demands. You can become an egg distributor and supply to a different customer.

How to start egg distribution business in Nigeria

To be a successful egg distributor, the following are what you need to consider;

1. Start-Up Capital

The good thing about this business is that you need little capital for a start. You need little money to purchase eggs and crates to keep the eggs. Although, the number of crates to purchase depends on the number of eggs you want to start with or how you want to start, either on a small scale or medium. You can start small, and from there grow big with time. You don’t need a shop, you can store the eggs in one corner of your house, from there you supply to your various customers.

2. Poultry Farm

You can become an egg distributor without having a poultry farm. All you need to do is to locate a poultry farm where you can buy eggs. Since you’re buying in large quantity, you can bargain with the poultry farmer on the quantities of eggs you want and reach a price. The poultry farmer will make sure you always get the needed amount of eggs that you requested.

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3. Market Location

You need to find a good place to sell your eggs for maximum profit. Also, try to connect with the right people. As supplier or distributor, you can go to hotels, restaurants, baking factory, schools etc. to broker deal and become their supplier. Hotels and restaurants always have foods made with eggs on their menu and they have to get their eggs from somewhere. You can go to these places and help them have access to a regular supply of fresh eggs without stress and at affordable price. Anytime they need eggs they will contact you.

4. Means of Transport

Having a means of transportation is essential for your business growth. This allows you to convey the eggs in large quantities to different customers on demand. Likewise to convey the eggs from the poultry farm to your store or anywhere you are based. It could be a vehicle, Motorcycle or tricycle which ever one you feel is good enough to transport the eggs. Remember eggs are fragile, so they need to be handled with care. When seeking for means of transport, go for the one that can carry egg, especially in large quantities to different destinations without breaking them. It is advisable to have transport of your own so you can supply to customers anywhere at any time they call, and this will also allows you to handle your eggs the best way you can without breaking them.

5. Keep a Record of your business

For your business to thrive and grow, keeping a record is essential because it will you know if you’re making a profit or loss and how to minimize unnecessary expenses. You need to keep a record of every purchase made from the poultry and record of every sales made to customers. This will also help you to set a target on the number of sales you want to achieve, and how much profit you want to make in a week, month, or year.

6. Mode of Sales

The goal in every business is to make a great profit. Many people get stuck at this point. They spend time in their business and pay less attention to the sales and marketing aspects of their business. if you want to make quick sales, then you should sell both in wholesale quantities and resale quantities. You can sell in retail quantities to customers around you.

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7. Advertising

There is a need for you to create awareness of your business and reach out to many customers. If you want customers to locate you, then you need to take your business online to promote your business and for your business to grow. People make use of the internet every day to buy things. Your social media platform such as your WhatsApp or Facebook can be used for this purpose to advertise your business. You will be amazed over the number of people that will contact and demand for eggs.

8. Make research

To increase sales of your business carry out research to know what your customer’s want, the areas where there is not enough supply of eggs and things you can do to improve the delivery service to customers.

9. Home deliver

You can engage in home delivery services. Many people cannot go to the market to buy eggs due to one reason or another. Maybe they are too busy or because of the distance barrier. You can drop your number with them so anytime they need eggs, they will call you. Or fix a day in the week to be visiting streets. People will know that you come to their side in a particular day and will be ready for you.

10. Organizing and Packaging

As an egg distributor, packaging is crucial for your business to grow. You can package your eggs to look attractive especially if you are dealing on retail sales. These includes your appearance, manner of approach, and communication (mode of talking). Be organized in your dealing with your customers. Ensure that you are always on time for delivery. Good packaging can attract more buyers.

Final thoughts on how to start egg distribution business in Nigeria

Egg distribution business is very Lucrative in the sense that no matter how small your business is, you will definitely make sales. Follow the steps outlined above and you will succeed.

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