How To Start Online Clothing Store In Nigeria

The idea of opening an online clothing store must have crossed the minds of some people especially those that are in love with fashion and want to venture into fashion business or those that want to promote their business but don’t know how or where to begin. In this post, you’ll learn how to start online clothing store and make lots of money.

Steps to follow when starting an online clothing store

These are the things you need to start an online clothing store:

1. Find A Business Name

When the thought of launching an online clothing store crosses your mind and you have no idea of what to do or where to start. The first thing to consider is a business or trade name which could be the same name as your website or you can formulate a name using your real name, nickname or any word you prefer that is easy to articulate, pronounce and spell.

2. Business Framework

The second thing you need to consider is the business framework that you want to put in place. It could be a limited liability company or a sole proprietorship. With any of these there would be an organized system of operations.

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3. Search for new stocks

Another aspect of online clothing business you need to deal with is cloth search. The level of concentration and dedication determines how you search for new stocks. Searching for stocks involves finding the latest trends or style of clothes from different vendors and purchasing these clothes in large quantities from vendors at wholesale price then resell to customers at a retail price.

These vendors often come in different forms. You can decide to search for clothes on website like Going through the catalogue of different apparel on this website, you can select clothes of different designs, shapes, sizes and styles. Purchase them in large quantities at wholesale price, find a place to keep them pending the time customers places an order then you resell these apparel at a considerable amount to customers.

Another vendor you can search for apparel is, a website which has an online selling program whereby you receive a commission for every customers that buys directly from them through you. Amazon takes care of every other transaction or you can also expand your business by selling other accessories. Through Amazon ads you advertise your goods and if a customer purchase your product you receive a commission.

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Most customers demand for a particular apparel. You can purchase this apparel from vendors in retail stores. When they are in short supply, you resell them to customers at affordable rate. This is known as flipping.
If you are able to sew, then you can sew clothes or you meet someone who can sew, pay the person to sew clothes based on your taste after which you sell to customers.

4. Create a website

Creating a website for your business is essential for own store. This will take care of every transaction and activities going on in your online store. It’s very easy to create a website these days unlike some years back when it was only those that understands computer programs that were able to create an online clothing store. Such is not the case any more.

Now you can establish an online clothing website of your own and carry out business activities with different website that are into online clothing such as, and It’s advisable to register your business name with Cooperate Affairs Commission, so no one would claim the ownership.

Owning a website enables you accept payment when customers visit your site therefore you need to have a payment platform like to receive payment.

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5. Social media Marketing

People need to know about your online store. This is the point where you draw public attention to promote your goods. Informing people about your online store requires plenty of time on social media in order to generate income because when people know about your store they will visit it to know what you have to offer and make purchase.

Letting people know on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snap chat, Twitter will be an advantage because a lot of people spend most of there time on social media platforms. Post the link to your website on these platforms for people to see.

You can reach out to million of people all over the world and as more people seek your services, your business grows gradually.

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Quick view on how to start online store in Nigeria

1. Find a business name

2. Business framework

3. Serach for new stocks

4. Create a website

5. Social media marketing

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