How to Start Recharge Card Printing Business

√ In this article, you will learn how to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria.

Recharge card printing business is a way of making money without much stress, especially in an economy like Nigeria. It’s a business that is beneficial to both young and old; reason many people are taking part in it.


As we all know, telecommunication companies are among the fastest growing companies in Nigeria. They have made communication easy and affordable. You can now reach out to people in distant countries via phone calls, SMS, video calls, etc. by just recharging an airtime or buying a data of any network of your choice.

Now, most banks are into recharge card business, as they also sell recharge card to their customers through USSD.

This is to tell you how profitable this business has become, that even banks are making money from it. And you too can make your own profit when you discover the way forward to this lucrative business.

Since there is no business without risk. The uncourageous ones will come up with some excuses like “there is no gain, everybody is now moving into the business, so I cannot come and kill myself for the hustle involved”.

As the demand for recharge card is high so also the supply, thus, the more profit and gain. Therefore, in this business your patronage is sure.

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You don’t need to move around searching for customers. Buyer and seller relationship is easily gotten and guaranteed.

Different ways to start recharge card business

Below are different ways you can start a recharge card business;

1. Start as manufacturer

You can start as a manufacturer. The manufacturer deal hand in hand with telecommunication companies. These companies sell the recharge card pins to the manufacturers.

Manufacturers buy the PIN in bulk and sell to other people as well. They use these PINs to print recharge cards in a large quantity and distribute it to the wholesaler.

To become a manufacturer an estimate amount of N2million would be needed to kick off.

2. Start as a whole seller

The wholesaler sells to the retailers. A wholesaler would need about N300,000 to start up this business.

3. Start as retailer

The retailer is another person in the chain of distribution. The retailer buys in small quantity from the wholesaler and sell to the consumers on the streets, roads etc.

To become a retailer in recharge business doesn’t require a huge amount of money. You can start with a low amount of N5,000.

You can be sure of your profit whether as a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer because the demand for recharge card in Nigeria is high.

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As stated earlier, telecommunication companies give out recharge card PINs to manufacturers who print in bulk, sell to others and make huge profit.

Recharge card printing business does not require a lot of things to begin but just few items like your personal computer (PC), a printer for printing your voucher card, an active email address.

What you need to start recharge card printing business

If you would like to take part in recharge card printing business steps and equipments required are listed below.

1. Capital

As in any other business, the first step is the money or capital to start the business. The money needed to start a recharge printing business is the money to buy recharge card pin from those who sell it in bulk.

2. Computer

The second step is to own a computer that has access to the internet. With this you can browse the internet to send or receive mail from the recharge card dealer who may like to send the pin to your email.

3. Printing machine

The third step is to have a printing machine for printing recharge cards. Having a personal printer will reduce cost and stress.
NB: there are other devices that are used only to print recharge cards if there is no available printer to print the cards.

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4. Software

The fourth step is to have the software that is used to convert the pin codes sent to you and keep it safe from hackers.

Method of payment for recharge card PINs

You can make payments through any means as may be requested by your business partner that sold the PINs to you.

Either online or through bank, but the easier way of payment is by bank payment. After which the dealer sends the recharge card PIN to your email which has to be guided properly for security purposes.

Recharge card printing business is a very profitable and easy to run business; buyer and seller relationship are gotten and customer royalty is easily built, more profits are achieved.

NB: the more your customers increase, the more cards you print, the more your profit.

In Nigeria almost every individual now owns a phone, and communications are carried out everyday.

There are many transactions done online, and to carry out these transactions you have to subscribe a data on your phone by buying a recharge card.

Recharge card printing business is a business you can do from home without stress and still draw customers to make profit.

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