Important of Hobby in your resume (CV)


Interest are activities, topics that capture your attention. They are what you enjoy doing in your free time or what you are passionate about exploring and learning more about .


Hobbies are specific activities that people engage in for pleasure and relaxation outside of their regular work or hobby is an activities Done for fun.
Hobbies are done during your time off, not professional and typically done for pay.


Sport, Acting and Driving.etc


     Relationship between interest and Hobbies

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Interest and Hobbies are typically dome for fun for free and don’t contribute to the proverbial bottom line and that why in most cases focusing too much om what you do out side of work is not advised.


     What your hobbies and interests say about you

Hobbies and interests you put on your resume will say something about you to the hiring manger or hobbies and interests reflect my purpose of assisting and interacting with people in a helpful and informative manner.

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Best example of hobbies and personal interest to put on resume.

1. Volunteering
2. Writing
3. blogging

4. Marketing
5. learning
6. photography
7. Travel
8. Sport
9. Reading

   How to list hobbies and Interest on a resume

1. To find what specifically you enjoy about         your hobby
2. Focus on its unique aspect
3. Don’t feel obliged to be creative
4. Create a separate section under a                 hobbies or interest
5. list up 7 personal interest
6 . Don’t list anything generic

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Hobbies are a very important aspect while writing you resume, it tells the who so ever that is Reading your resume more information about the writer.

Writing out your hobbies will help the employer to know your personal qualities if you like working with a team or not .

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