List of Best Affiliate Marketing Networks in Nigeria (2019)

There are so many ways of making money online and Affiliate Marketing is one of them. You may be wondering what Affiliate Marketing is all about. In this article, I’m going to tell you more about affiliate marketing and also give you list of best affiliate marketing networks in Nigeria that you can join and make lots of money online.

Companies and organizations are always looking for a way to advertise and sell their products and services not only within their locality but also around the world.

They want their products and services to reach out to as many audience as possible because the more the audience, the more product and services they sell and the bigger their company grows. So, they think about ways of reaching out to people. And one these ways is through Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing has to do with using social media or your own site to advertise, promote and sell other peoples products and services.

When your audience click on the affiliate link on your website they are sent to the other site which enables them view the product and if they make a purchase you get a commission.

List of best affiliate marketing networks in Nigeria

Below are the list of the best affiliate sites in Nigeria that you can register with as an affiliate marketer:

1. Affiliate Marketing Network

Konga is another reliable place to shop online. Kong offers Affiliate marketing program which is sponsored by Konga Affiliate Pro (known as the leading affiliate tracking software). Konga Affiliate Programs allows you to make money online by selling products for great commissions. So, you have an opportunity to become one of Konga Affiliate Marketing Agent. There are over one hundred thousand worth of product you can choose to advertise on your website, blog, or social media. There is no requirement to become an affiliate marketer with konga but having a website will go a long way for you to earn income.

This is how Konga affiliate program works
Sign up through the website at and fill out the form. Verify your account by Logging to your affiliate account to choose which advertising platform you want to use. Then you paste the links of every product you want to advertise on your blog, website, and social media platforms. When your audience visit your site they click on your Konga affiliate link pasted on your blog, website or social media platform and the IP of the visitor is saved the customer is monitored for 30 days. Each product sold will be registered under you as sales once the customer orders for the product, konga will approve the product and verify the transaction then a commission (as high as 9%) will be given to you on the 30th day of the month when you balance reaches N10,000 minimum withdrawal threshold.

2. Travelstart Affiliate Marketing Network

Travelstart is a popular African online travel booking agency having branches across major African countries, they specialize in booking flights, car rental, hotel bookings, vacation packages and other travel services through their online booking engine, tourism and other adventures.

In order to earn money as an affiliate marketer on Travelstart, advertise their site on your website or social media platform to your audience using the affiliate banners and link.

Whenever a customer clicks on the link on your website or social media platform to make a travel booking, you will receive a commission.

There is rewarding opportunity for you to make money when you register as an affiliate marketer on Travelstart due to its numerous customers all over Africa.

Accurate flight information will be advertise on your site with banners and links, which will be tracked and recorded, and payment will be made to you at the end of every month.
You earn a high commission from the first day you register.
The tools, feeds and support you need to acquire customers will be provided for you.

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3. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

We all know about Bet9ja as one of the most popular sport betting website in Nigeria. Not only do they engage in sport betting but also in Casino and other games.

Once you register on Bet9ja and make your first deposit, you will receive a one hundred percent bonus equivalent to N100,000. Existing members will receive 170% multiple boost on accumulators as well as the innovative real-time cash-out feature. Becoming a Bet9ja Affiliate marketer you receive 50% revenue share in the first month of joining. You’ll also get 20% of every referrals whenever they win or loss a game. You need to register as an Affiliate marketer to start earning money. Once you register, you will be given a link which you will use to refer people.

4. DealDey Affiliate Marketing Network

In Nigeria DealDey is among the list of e-commerce store that makes it possible to advertise products and services at a reduced selling rate.

The reduced selling rate or prices in their goods and services are intended to draw a large number of customers who want to get a good value for their money. This is a good opportunity for any affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

With DealDey affiliate program you earn by advertising deals using links and banners which are generally made to be shared easily on your social media platform, website, blog or you can invite your friends by directly sharing the link with them. Once any of your audience click on the link, you receive a commission of ₦500 automatically but, most of the times the commission varies.

5. Affiliate Marketing Network

When looking for a reliable place to shop online is the number one place you need to look at.

You can make huge amount of income by becoming a Jumia affiliate marketing agent. All you need to do is to bring as much audience (traffic) to Jumia online store. Select the product you want to advertise and post the link on your website, blog, or social media. When your audience click on the link of the product they are interested in, they will automatically be redirected to Jumia.come online store. You receive commission for every customer you bring and if they make a purchase you also receive a commission.


This is how Jumia affiliate program works.
Visit and sign up to become a Jumia affiliate agent on the affiliate website.
Once you log into your affiliate dashboard, select the products you want to advertise. Paste the link on your blog, website, social media feed. To make your advert visible enough request for promotional material like deep links, banners, feeds from them. Once there is an order from a customer, it will be registered as sales for you and in turn, Jumia will examine and approve the sale. Once it is approve you will receive a commission which you can cash out on the 30th of every month once your total balances reaches N10,000.

6. Web4Africa Affiliate Network

Web4Africa runs an Affiliate marketing program which involves telling your friends and business colleagues to register with Web4Africa’s through the link on your website. Web4Africa pays you for referring someone and for every domain name or web hosting purchase by the person you referred.

To become an affiliate marketer in Web4africa follow these steps: Visit Web4africa website and register for free. Once you register view your dashboard and select the product you want to advertise by posting the links on your blog, website, social media platform or blog. If a customer click on the links through your site and makes a purchase or services such as web hosting, 10% commission will be given to you for every purchase made by the customer.

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7. PayPorte Affiliate Marketing Network

PayPorte is yet another affiliate marketing program which is among the most popular online store in Nigeria.
To become an affiliate marketer on payPorte follow this steps; Log into the website and register for free. There is no charge for registration. Immediately you register you earn N1000. Go directly to your dash board to select the products you want to advertise. There is a 5-10 percent commission on each sale which will be deposited in your bank account when it reaches a certain amount (withdrawal threshold). Before a sale is made, payporte will examine the transaction before approving the deal. Any item purchased by a customer will be registered under you as a sale.

8. WhoGoHost Affiliate marketing Network

WhoGoHost established in 2007 as a web solution site transformed into one of the highest hosting site in Nigeria and abroad.


Making money as an affiliate marketer on WhoGoHost is very easy. Advertise their products and services using your affiliate link on your website or social media platforms. With the referral link to invite someone to make purchase on any product or service on WhoGoHost site. If the person makes payment through your link, you earn 15% of the amount paid for the good and services. Once the amount reaches a minimum N3000 you are able to withdraw and also you automatically get N500 for opening an account with WhoGoHost.

You can sign-up up here

9. Wakanow Affiliate Marketing Network limited is an online travelling company in Africa which offers an affiliate program to clients and agencies that deal on the sale of travelling commodities and service. Wakanow makes it possible for their clients and agencies to sell travelling commodities and service such as hotel, flight airport pickups, tour package and so on from the site.

You can become an Affiliate marketer with, make profit and receive commission in form of discount. In Wakanow dashboard there is liberty to change the price on each product when dealing with a customer. They give discount on their products and services such as 10% discount rate on Holiday Package. 5% discount rate on Airport pickup services. 20% discount rate on Visa process services. Discount on every domestic and international Airlines. 40% discount rate on Hotel Rack in over 508,000 domestic and international hotels. Sign up with Wakanow

10. VConnect Affiliate Marketing Network

In 2015 Vconnect launched their online shopping store and is now among the list of online platform to establish Affiliate Program in order to advertise their product and services. At the same time making it possible for their clients to earn income through affiliate marketing.

Vconnect is among Nigeria’s biggest local search engine and business listing platform. Vconnect just like Konga uses the same affiliate software known as the post affiliate pro system software.

Below is how to register and become a Vconnect affiliate marketer:
Visit VConnect site and register for free. Log in to your VConnect affiliate dashboard, select which product to market from the numerous varieties of product, then you paste the link on your website, social media feed or blog. If a customer sees the link through your site and then buys its, Vconnect will record it as sales under you. Any product or service sold you receive a commission.

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Best affiliate marketing networks in Nigeria and their sign up links

1. Konga

2. Travelstart

3. Bet9ja

4. DealDey


6. Web4Africa

7. PayPorte

8. WhoGoHost

9. Wakanow

10. VConnect

These are the list of best Affiliate Marketing Networks in Nigeria. With these you can decide to become an Affiliate Marketer and start earning money.

Reasons to start Affiliate Marketing business

1. If you are looking for a way to make money on the internet, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money.

2. Whenever you introduce a customer and this customer logs into the site to buy a product you get a percentage. Just by logging in, you get a percent and if the customer buys the product you also get a percentage (but this occurs with most affiliate programs that are willing to pay high.

3. In some case it actually cost nothing to start affiliate marketing. Especially when advertising through social media platform such as facebook, whatsapp, twitter and others. And in the other case if you’re advertising with a website it cost little amount to start Affiliate marketing.

To host a website requires a minimum amount as low as $5 per month and to have a custom domain name when opening a website requires $10. In actual sense writing posts or articles are the only cost which is involve because you will spend time to write in order to generate enough audience(traffic) and have enough sales on your site. With wordpress and a good website design you can accomplish this.

In affiliate marketing you really do not need a website to start because most brands make it possible for you to advertise your affiliates links directly on social media platform such as Facebook, whatsapp, twitter and so on.

4. For those who are always active online affiliate marketing is a business opportunity to earn extra income.

5. Immediately you start affiliate marketing you start earning income. Try to focus your attention on popular product such as Fashion , Technology which tends to generate more audience. For every customer that buys product through your link, you earn a commission. All you have to do is refer a customer no need to render any form of service to the customer. The owner of the product will handle every other negotiations.

6. One of the wrong impression that people do have about Affiliate marketing is that it only work for small enterprises. But that is not the case because there are a lot of businesses which has become a multi-million enterprise through affiliate marketing and people make millions from it. For instance the owner of, Mr Pascal Okafor became a millionaire through affiliate marketing with and was awarded the best affiliate marketer.

There is no limit to how much you can make in affiliate marketing. It all depends on the number of audience (traffic) you bring and your scheme (systematic plan of action). As the audience increase, your income rises. Setting up a affiliate marketing with a company that has a high growth rate in Nigeria will propel your site because the more customers that visit your site to purchase the company’s product the more traffic you get and the higher your commission increase.

7. One can generate income through affiliate marketing from different marketing channels or sites where customers seek information. RightCasino was able to generate traffic through industry and entertainment news, Twitter, and by translating their site into foreign languages to link with cheaper sources of traffic in other countries through email marketing and others.

8. Affiliate Marketing has become one of the fastest growing businesses in Nigeria. With affiliate marketing, you can make lots of income.

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