List of small scale business ideas in Nigeria (2019)

In this post, we will give you a full list of small scale business ideas in Nigeria.

You can start any of these businesses anywhere in Nigeria and make your own money.

Days has gone when people depend on Government for a job. These days you can create a job for yourself and people around you.

This post will not only show you the list of small scale business ideas in Nigeria. But will also give you insight on how to establish it.

We expect you to take action toward starting your own business after reading this post.

We are in the world you need to take actions to break poverty barriers. Most of these rich men you see started small.

So, if you have been searching for a small profitable business to start in Nigeria, this post will show you.

Before we show you the list of small scale business ideas in Nigeria, let’s look at why you should set up your own

Why You Should Start Your Own Business In Nigeria

The importance of business in Nigeria today cannot be over emphasize. However, there is no doubt that some places people seek to get a job are other people’s businesses.

So instead of seeking for a job in another person’s business, why won’t you start your own from small scale, and then grow big?

Below are quick view on why you should start a small scale business in Nigeria.

1. Minimal Capital to start

Starting a small scale business in Nigeria doesn’t require much capital unlike starting large scale business that need one to break a bank.

You can start with the little money you have at hand and grow your business as time goes on.

2. You Can Start anyplace

Starting a small scale business in Nigeria doesn’t require going to a distant place. You need not go from Enugu to Lagos or from Lagos to Abuja. It is something you can even start in the area you are living.

3. You work for yourself

When you start a business from the list of small scale business ideas in Nigeria, you will be your own boss.

You will be the CEO of the business and run it by yourself. You won’t answer anybody “Sir” or “Ma”.

4. Development and Expansion is permitted

You need not stress over being sacked after the business develop or anyone coming to dominate. This is your business and the need to build your business will be your aim.

5. Personal Development

Having a small scale business in Nigeria will give you the opportunity to meet new people and learn new things that will develop you and furthermore grow your business.

6. Employer other people

As your business grow, there will be a need to use people that will have you do some working.

8. You will become Expert

Although, you started from scratch. As time goes on, you will become an expert in your area of business interest.

9. Financial Independence

Having your own business will make you grant you financial independence. You can make a profit enough to take care of what you need.

There are so many other reasons but we are stopping here to create room for a list of small scale business ideas in Nigeria.

Now, let’s go to the main topic

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List of small scale business ideas in Nigeria

Below is the list of 120 small scale business ideas in Nigeria;

1. Car wash business

2. Bead makings

3. Phone repair

4. Petty trading

5. Barbing Or Hair Salon

6. Photography

7. Blogging

8. Catering

9. Snacks Production

10. Farming

11. Tutoring

12. Consultancy service

13. Rental service

14. Sport viewing centre

15. Pure water business

16. Laundry Service

17. Fashion Design

18. Computer Fixing

19. Selling Phones And Accessories

20. Food Restaurant
Food business

21. Cyber Cafe

22. Daycare Centre

23. Football Viewing Centre

24. Tie Production

25. Computer Centers
Photocopying, typing and printing

26. Event Management and Decoration

27. Entertainment Business

28. Bag and Shoe making

29. Quail Bird Farming

30. Cement sales and distribution

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List of small scale business ideas in Nigeria

31. Frozen food business

32. Livestock Farming

33. Social media marketing

34. Freelancing

35. Cooking Gas sale

36. Affiliate Marketing

37. Pet Breeding

38. Poultry Farming

39. Used Car Sales

40. Microphone, Mixer

41. Exportation

42. Recruitment Agency

43. Uniform Making factory

44. Scrap metal sales

45. Haulage and Logistics

46. Transportation

47. Online Marketing

48. Bulk SMS Services

49. Small Scale Manufacturing

50. Ready-to-wear cloths making

51. Waste Management Services

52. Mini importation

53. Animal feed production

54. Magazine Publication

55. Monogramming and Branding Services

56. Weight Loss Consultancy

57. Biscuit Production

58. Printing and Book Production

59. Private Library Services

60. Hairdressing Salon

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List of small scale business ideas in Nigeria

61. Day Spa

62. Manicure and Pedicure

63. Selling Fruits

64. Selling honey

65. Personal Fitness Instructor

66. Business broker

67. Car Wash and Detailing Services

68. Dating Service

69. Make-up Artist

70. Pharmaceutical company

71. Stock Photography

72. Art brokerage

73. Resume writing

74. Online Vitamin/Health Food Store

75. Virtual assistant

76. Pest control

77. Gift Baskets

78. Nanny agency

79. Mail-order business

80. Ice block production

81. Night Clubs and Restaurants

82. Solar energy installation & equipment sales

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List of small scale business ideas in Nigeria

83. Antique Furniture Sales

84. Virtual Call Center

85. SEO Consultant

86. Car Rentals

87. Disc Jockey (DJ)

88. Personal Shopper & Errand Service

89. Wine Production

90. Sports Collectible Shop

91. Funeral Arrangement Company

92. WAEC, NECO and JAMB tutorial center

93. Internet Radio Station

94. Online Clothing Store

95. Modeling and Event Ushering

96. Marketer/PR Agent

97. Fashion Stylist

98. Automobile Repairs and Fleet Management Services

99. Facility Management Services

100. Appliance Repair Service

101. House Painting

102. Alternative Power Supply

103. Security Gadget Sales and Installations

104. Ethanol Production

105. Software and games development

106. Security gadget sales

107. Cleaning Services

108. Recharge Card Printing and Sales

109. Sports Viewing Centers

110. Sports Betting Agency

111. Building Blocks Production

112. Art Gallery

113. Ice Cream Production

114. Jewelry making

115. Proposal writting

116. Natural Fruit Juice Production

117. Photography and Videography

118. Football coach

119. Oil Palm Plantation

120. Travel agency

The end!


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