Make Money as a Sachet Water Distributor in Nigeria

Make Money as a Sachet Water Distributor

In this article, you’ll learn how to make money as a sachet water distributor in Nigeria.

We all know that water is life, and essential for human survival so everybody in the society needs water, not just water but clean drinkable water.

We need water to stay healthy, to regulate our body temperature, and prevent dehydration.

Every minute people drink water, and many look for where to get clean and drinkable water.

There is no doubt that many places in Nigeria lack clean water. People go far distance to get drinking water. So you can start sachet water distribution business, and make a lot of money.

Since water is everybody’s need. You can establish a pure water company, produce sachet water and sell them to those areas in need.

Production of Sachet water is a moneymaking establishment in the sense that everybody drinks sachet water. And no matter where you set up your business you will make sales and incur profit.

The start up capital, and the number of machine you have will determines the size of the business.

How to make money as a sachet water distributor

To start a sachet water business you have to:

1. Design a Business Plan
2. Enroll your Business with the right Agency
3. Have Premises
4. Install Equipments
5. Brand your business
6. Use workers
7. Have Stable Power Supply
8. Have a means of Transportation
9. Make Connections

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To establish a Sachet water company involves implementing some procedures which are discussed below.

1. Design a Business Plan

Production of sachet water involves putting to paper the business plan which explains the necessary things for establishing the business.

It explains the expenditures that will be incurred, financial requirements (the amount of money needed), the structures and the equipments needed to set up a pure water business. All these should be analyzed before establishment.

2. Enroll your Business with the right Agency

After you have drawn a business plan. But before you set out to build your water company. It is of utmost importance to register your business with the right agencies and the relevant tax authority such as;

  • The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC),
  • Federal Inland Revenue, and
  • The State Internal Revenue.

3. Have Premises

The third step involves building your factory or rent a suitable structure that will accommodate your equipments.

Put into consideration closeness to market, road access, security of the factory and power supply.

All this contributes to the proper functioning and productivity of the business.

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4. Install Equipments

Once you have found a suitable place for your factory, the next agenda is installation of equipments. Carry out a research to verify the cost of these equipments.

Depending on your locating and the start up capital the cost of purchasing these equipments may vary.

Installation Processes Involves;

  • Sinking a borehole to provide a constant water supply.
  • Installing tanks overhead
  • Installation of full scale distillation system or the ultra violet sterilization bulbs for water purification
  • Procurement of an automatic sealing machine and installed based on daily production.

5. Brand your Business

This involves getting the packaging materials (nylon materials) printed with the company’s name.

The amount of nylon should be enough to contain the quantity of purified water been produced.

6. Use workers

To ensure proper utilization of the equipments to yield profitable output, there is a need to use workers to handle these equipments effectively and to handle different positions in the company or factory.

The positions to be used include machine operator, cleaners, supervisor, sales staff, driver, packagers, security guards, and Administrative officer.

7. Have Stable Power Supply

There must be constant electricity to enable maximum functionality of the equipment. Purchase of generators or solar panel to maintain a stable power supply.

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8. Have a means of Transportation

Get a vehicle preferably a truck to convey as many bags as possible to different locations to meet customers demand.

9. Make Connections

Stay in touch with the retailers you supply water. Create a good relationship with them so they will always be happy to patronize you.

Supply water on credit to only those you trust and can pay at the specified time.

If you do not have sufficient funds to set up a factory for the production of sachet water, there is another way to make money from sachet water. You can become a distributor of Sachet water.

Below are the things you need to put in place to:

  • A good Location could be a rented store or from your home
  • Generator for stable power supply in case the Power Holding Company cease the light
  • Big Freezer to keep the sachet water cool
  • Sachet Water Suppliers. Connect with a Sachet water company to always supply you with bags of sachet water randomly in wholesale prices.
  • You resell these sachets water to consumers either in bags or a single sachet.

With this knowledge of how to make money as sachet water distributor, you can start a sachet water distribution business anytime, anywhere, and make money.

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