Make Money On Fiverr with these Simple Steps

Best guide to Make money on Fiverr

Make money on Fiverr

Fiverr was launched in the year 2010, and since then it has transformed into a big freelance marketplace. The platform has gained credibility from people all around the world.

Fiverr is an online platform where you can trade your skills for money. For example; if you are a graphic designer, you will meet many people on Fiverr that are ready to for your service.

If you have digital skills, then you can make a lot of money from Fiverr, and we will show you how.

Many freelancers today are making millions of dollars from Fiverr and other similar platforms.

How does Fiverr work?

Fiverr is an online market platform where people can sell products and offer services for money. The question is, what do you know how to do very well?

Buyers and sellers all over the world meet on Fiverr to purchase or sell. For some sales made, $5 is earned.

Although, the amount is not high but as you make more sales, your income increases over time. What matters is knowing the right thing to do.

If you render services on Fiverr, you are a seller. On the other hand, the person buying your service is the buyer. So, you can either be a buyer or a seller on Fiverr.

How Fiverr make money

There is processing fee attached to every purchase made by a buyer. The sum of $2 is charged for processing fee for every purchase. While for every purchase above $20 there is a 5% processing fee.

After the service or product has been completed and delivered. The seller (freelancer) is entitled to 80% of every Gig sold by them, and Fiverr will keep 20% for themselves.

How to make money from Fiverr

1. Signing up

To carry out any transaction on Fiverr you have to Sign Up first. Users that are registered are entitled to buy and sell on Fiverr. The first thing to do is to sign up on Fiverr.

Then you confirm you account with a registration link sent to your email.

Which will take you directly to your dashboard where you will create a seller profile by filling the necessary forms.

You make yourself visible and present yourself to the world.

It is good to always look professional because it shows how unique, genuine and dedicated you are to your job. It will also attract more customers.

2. Creating a Gig on Fiverr

A service offered on Fiverr website is called a Gig. There are services you can render to people on Fiverr.

It doesn’t matter your type of skill or your level of experience.

Such services include;

  • Write and edit articles
  • write and edit blog post
  • Graphic designs
  • Write letters and emails
  • Translations
  • Write resumes and cover letters
  • Advertising
  • Write product descriptions
  • Social Networking
  • Write headlines

For instance, as a seller(freelancer), you can advertise your service in this form ” I will do a guest post on my business blog for $5″.

There is an option to choose the price you want to start with. There is also a Gig package on Fiverr website where the seller can offer various price range for different service(s).

For a service, there can be different price range. Likewise for a price there can be different services.

3. Create a very Good Title and Description

Writing a very good title and description(content) for your gig is a great way to be visible and to sell your service(s).

When writing a title or description for your service, take time to view and observe the title and description of other successful gigs that are in line with your kind of gig or service.

Check for the words that appear very often on other sellers title or description. Though this sellers don’t work together but when you carefully look at their different titles and description they have something in common.

The words they use makes them stand out and be visible to customers.

4. Visibility

To have continuous sales on Fiverr then you need to advertise your service. There are different platforms to do that like the social media for example.

You can also create a blog or start a podcast.You might have come across some Fiverr Gigs that always have lines of customers waiting for their services.

While others with the same Gig can go days or even months with just a single or few customers.

Some might not even get any at all. The reason why this is so is because of the level of visibility. Visibility can attract more customers far and beyond, all over the world.

5. Getting your first customer

After signing up and have completed the necessary documentation, the next phase is to exercise patient and wait for the first order from a customer.

This might take a while. But in order to attract customers then you have to advertise your service(s) in various platforms.

By using images, videos and unique statement to attract customers. Once your first customer contacts you, try as much as possible to make your customer happy, make them feel save and able to trust you.

Customers want someone they can trust, someone who wouldn’t disappoint. Someone they can rely on to carry out a work or project. So, you have to make them rely on you.

6. Good customers service

It is very important to treat your customers in a good manner because your success on Fiverr depends on your customers positive feedback and continuous purchase.

Being nice and polite to your customers will make them feel more special and valued. This will encourage them to always come for your service(s).

7. On time delivery

Timing is very important on Fiverr especially when it has to do with delivery.

One of the ways to make your gig visible and be graded high among other sellers on Fiverr is to make quick delivery on every order demanded.

On time delivery is one of the factors that will make your gig visible and put you among the top Gigs on Fiverr’s internal search ranking.

Your time of delivery should depend on what you want to offer in order not to disappoint your customer.

It is better to give enough time for delivery for instance a minimum of 2 days or more.

It will help you to plan and organize all the necessary things needed to achieve your goal.

You can decide to offer your customers extra fast time delivery or extra fee depending on the circumstance of the order.

8. Reviews by Customers

A review is a form of evaluation done by a customer about a product, service or job. A review always give the opinion of a customer about the product or service.

Most customers that order on Fiverr always leave a review about the service rendered. With these reviews, you have an estimation of the number of customers that made an order for a particular gig.

Good reviews builds customers trust and confidence for your service(s) and when they see other reviews they are willing to buy or order for your gig.

Do not put up fake reviews just to get more customers. Rather, take good care of your customers and earn their trust. In doing so they will recommend you to other clients.

To build a good customer relationship, don’t just end with a customer when an order is delivered instead, follow up with the customer to know if he/she is satisfied with the service.

After you have successful carried out a work,job, project remember to ask your customers for feedback. This will help you to know if your customer(s) are really satisfied with your service(s).

It will also help you to know where you need to improve, in terms of giving the best service.


Your number one priority is to deliver a great product or service on Fiverr. Majority of the customers want a good service and if they can’t find it, they will search for a reliable place.

The best way to keep your clients is to be good at what you do and be sincere in all your dealings.

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