Nexit Portal Solution Update by NSIP Team

Are you an applicant of Nexit Program, and still have unattended issues? A more active solution has being made by the NSIP department.

The National Social Investment Program (NSIP), is a department in the Npower program that carryout support activities of the scheme.

Due to problems that is being encountered by applicants of the NEXIT program, the NSIP team has come up with more supporting strategies that will eradicate the underlying issues from the system. And has inform applicants on what to do when the need arises.

One of the ways that the team thinks they can use in solving issues more easier, and better is by assigning different complaints to a specific email address.

It is therefore paramount to know the various emails, and types of issues that will be forwarded to such email addresses.

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1. To Change Existing Email Address

Applicants who decided to use a different email address from the one they initially used in registering for the program, can send the new email address using a given format to both or either of the following;


Format of Message

– New Email Address

– Full name of applicant

– Mobile number

– State of Origin

– L.G.A

Under these information, you should be able to give explanations on why you chose to change the formal email address.

2. To Re-activate Account

Some applicants account were deactivated due to the usage of wrong password/username. Those with such issues should send a given format message to both, or either of the following addresses;

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Message Format

– Full name of applicant as used during application

– Mobile number

– State of Origin

– L.G.A

– Used email address

Under this, you should be able to offer clarification on the difficulties encountered, and presumably request for the team to deactivate your account, which will enable you to register with the same details again.

3. Unable to Verify/Validate your account

Thousands of applicants complained of not receiving the validation mail, this was reportedly rectified as a lot of applicants later confirm the mails in their inbox, or spam folder.

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Well, some persons might still have such issue. So if you are one of those applicants, kindly click on the link [ ] then input the email you register with, and submit. In less than an hour, you should check your inbox for the validation mail.

4. L.G.A Issue

Some applicants kept on complaining that they can’t find their Local Government Area (LGA) on their profile. This can be easily solved, all you need do is to click on a different State/LGA. After which you can change it back to the real State of Origin and LGA.

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