Nigerian Army Ranks and Their Monthly Salaries

– Nigerian Army ranks and their monthly salaries

Nigerian Army ranks

The Nigerian military powers are divided into 3 major categories; Army, Airforce, and Navy.

So, if you are living in Nigeria, it’s important to know the Nigerian Army ranks and monthly salaries

And for those that wish to join the Nigerian Army, the information on this page will help you in one way or the other.

What is Nigerian military force?

The military force is an armed force approved by law to use deadly weapons for protecting lives and properties.

Also, they guard people, properties and the nation in a time of war or crisis.

The Nigerian military force has other functions such as;

  • Law enforcement
  • Taking part in internal crisis
  • Guarding basic regions
  • Guard areas of high relevance
  • Offer emergency services
  • Coordinate the enforcement of immigration laws and customs
  • Perform basic defensive operations

Sometimes the military may work as a subculture inside a bigger society. This implies that the military has its framework in a specific zone such as;

  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Various utilities
  • Coordinations
  • Sustenance generation
  • Health and medical

Types of military powers in Nigeria

Just as we previously said, there are three categories of Nigerian military force.

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1. Naval force

The Navy is military power in charge of sea-related operations.

Most of the Naval Headquarters of Nigeria are in Abuja, Calabar, Lagos and Bayelsa.

Some duties of Nigerian Navy include;

  • Sea rescue operations
  • Medical support
  • Sea training mission
  • Regional security
  • Sea fighting
  • Marine clean up, and so on.

2. The Air Force

The Nigerian Air force is in charge of air related operations.

They have over 8,000 active personnel. Also, they have a lot of helicopters, war jets, air transports and more.

Their duties include;

  • Air to surface and air-to-air bombings
  • Medical support
  • Target monitoring
  • Air support
  • Cargo transportation
  • Rescue operations, and many more

3. The Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army are the largest part of Nigerian military force.

They have over 100,000 officers of various ranks.

Their duties includes;

  • Engaging enemy target
  • Law enforcement
  • Medical support
  • Weapons supplies and troops transportations.

Ranks in Nigerian Army

Nigerian Army ranks

Having known about the Nigerian Army, let’s discuss their ranks, and after that we go into their Monthly Salaries.

There are two major categories in Nigeria;

1. Commissioned officers, and

2. Non-Commissioned officers

Nigerian Army Commissioned officers Ranks

A commissioned officer in Nigerian army is an officer whose rank is supported by a government (a commission).

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So, the main difference between commissioned and non-commissioned officers is their level of authority.

There are 11 ranks in Nigerian Army commissioned officers, they are as follows;

1. Field marshal: This is the highest rank in Nigerian Army. It has 5 stars. Nobody in Nigeria has gotten to this position.

2. General: The is the highest rank that Nigerians have ever achieved. It has 4 stars

3. Lieutenant General: This is a high commissioned officer in Nigerian Army. It has 3 stars.

4. Major General: This is a medium commissioned officer in Nigerian Army. It has 2 stars

5. Brigadier General: This is a low commissioned officer in Nigerian Army. It has a 1 star.

6. Colonel: This is a lower level commissioned officer and highest field officer.

7. Lieutenant Colonel: He is a deputy to Colonel.

8. Major: This is the lower level of the field officer.

9. Captain: This is the highest rank in troops.

10. First lieutenant: The deputy to Captain.

11. Second lieutenant: He is a subordinate to the first lieutenant.

Nigerian Army Non-commissioned Officers Ranks

A non-commissioned officer in Nigerian is those whose rank is not confirmed by any government document. Therefore, he is outranked by all commissioned officers.

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But he can command the recruits, privates, corporals and lower-ranked sergeants under his command.

There are eight ranks in Nigeria non-commissioned officers.

1. Master Warrant Officer

2. Warrant Officer

3. Staff Sergeant

4. Sergeant

5. Corporal

6. Lance Corporal

7. Private

8. Recruit

Having seen the ranks of Nigerian Army, let’s delve into their Salaries

Nigerian Army ranks and Monthly Salaries

Nigeria army

(For Commissioned Officers)

Since nobody has attained field marshal rank, let’s jump it and start from General.

1. General: ₦1.5 million;

2. Lieutenant General: ₦1 million

3: Major General: ₦950,000

4. Brigadier General-₦750,000

5. Colonel: ₦550,000

6. Lieutenant Colonel: ₦350,000

7. Major: ₦300,000

8. Captain: ₦220,000;

9. First Lieutenant: ₦180,000

10. Second Lieutenant: ₦120,000.

Nigerian Army Ranks and Monthly Salaries

For Non-commissioned Officers

1. Master Warrant Officer: ₦90,000

2. Warrant Officer: ₦80,000

3. Staff Sergeant: ₦68,000

4. Sergeant: ₦63,000

5. Corporal: ₦ 58,000

6. Lance Corporal: ₦54,000 to ₦55,000

7. Private Soldier: ₦48,000 to ₦49,000.

8. Recruit: ₦35,000 to ₦40,000

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