Npower Batch C Test Link And Instructions For Applicants

The next stage for Npower Batch ‘C’ is fast approaching, as the link to access ‘change password’ has been made accessible to enable applicant change their password before taking the compulsory qualifying test.

Based on the above information from Npower, all Batch C applicants are mandated to update their personal profile. After which, they will take the test online, and expect their names to be shortlisted for the next stage.

From the update presented by NASIMS, successful candidates will be sent a mail containing what to do next to qualify for the Next Stage of the Npower application process. While those that won’t make it through this stage will wait for the consecutive batch, as soon as the application opening is made open.

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Instructions Regarding the Test

First and foremost all applicants are to update their profile, as only those with updated record will be allowed to have the online test. Anyone logging in for the first time are to follow the following procedures;

  1. Visit the official webpage

  2. Click on ‘Forget Password’ which is below the login information columns.

  3. Input the email you use to register for the Npower Batch C program.

  4. Locate the send link icon on the page, and click on it.

  5. Visit your mail box, and open the mail sent by NASIMS to complete the password reset process.

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After the completion of the password reset process, you are required to login and update your records which will qualify you for the only test.

Note: The online test is being timed for 10mins, where each applicant will be required to answer twenty (20) questions within this time frame.

Points to note About the Test are as follows;

  • All questions must be answered as you won’t be allowed to skip any questions during the course of the test.
  • Each questions has equal marks.
  • If there is any error or time out while writing the test for three consecutive times, you won’t be allowed to take the test again.
  • The link to access the test questions is
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Should in case you wants to make any sort of enquiry, you are subjected to contact either to the official page of NASIMS or the customer care line of Npower via; 08176551162 or
018885011, or

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