NPower: How to apply for NPower Nigeria Recruitment


The NPower Nigeria is a scheme established by the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the major aim to reduce the unemployment rate in the country. In this post, you will learn how to apply for Npower Nigeria recruitment.

N-Power reduces the rate of unemployment among the youths by providing a structure to large scale and applicable work skills, while connecting its core and results to fixing deficient public administrations and invigorating the bigger economy.

The N-power scheme is designed in a way that beneficiaries are trained in different fields that will help them build a successful career.

N-Power is also a platform for diversifying the Nigerian economy. It will also train 500,000 graduates who will help to improve the inadequacies in public schools.

Objective of Npower Nigeria

In a nutshell, below are objectives of what N-power Nigeria;

1. Diversifying the Nigerian economy

2. Reducing the rate of unemployment

3. Inclusion and productive in Nigeria

4. Large scale skill development

5. Fixing inadequate public services and stimulating large economy

6. Actualising economics aspirations of achieving food security and self-sufficiency

7. World class skills and certification

8. Provide none technical and business skills

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N-POWER Volunteer Corps

This is a paid post tertiary engagement imitative for Nigerian youths.
The duration for this programme is two (2) years. The current allowance is N30,000 per month.

N-Power Programme Categories

The NPower Nigeria has both Graduate Category and Non Graduate Category.

N-Build, N-Creative and N-Power Tech are under non graduate categories.

Below are the Npower categories;

1. Npower Agro: Volunteers for this service will provide an advisory service to farmers, spread information from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, and also gather data of Agricultural assets in Nigeria.

Preference will be given to those that have any of the following certificate; HND, OND or Bachelor Degree in Agricultural related discipline.

2. Npower Health: Volunteers will contribute to improve and promote preventive healthcare to members of the society, especially women and children.

During selection, preference will be given to those that have Bachelor Degree, HND, NCE or HND in a related field.

3. Npower Teach: Members will be posted to primary schools a cross Nigeria to assist teachers in delivering quality of education to children across Nigeria.

Preference will be given to graduates from all discipline will Bachelor Degree, HND, NCE and OND

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4. Npower Tax: Members will work as Tax Liason Officers to work with state tax authorities.

5. Npower Creative: Members will be trained for a duration of 3 months in Animation, Graphic design, Script writing and Post-production.

6. Npower Tech Hardware
7. Npower Tech Software

Requirements to join Npower volunteer programme

To apply for N-power scheme, the interested applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. NPower only accept people between 18 and 35 years

2. Candidates must have a genuine interest in the field they want to go for

3. Candidates must pass N-power tests

4. Must have any of the following certificate; OND, NCE, HND or Degree. Note there are non graduate categories.

5. Applicants must be the willingness to move out of their comfort zones.

6. Must have the ability to show a flair to build all the skills you need to be the best.

N-Power Recruitment Process

The recruitment process depends on the programme you want to go for.

However, you must provide the following information for a successful NPower selection;

1. Phone number

2. Email address

3. Nationality

4. Place of birth

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5. Date of birth

6. CV

7. Correct name record

8. BVN (Bank Verification Number)

9. Passport photographs

10. Qualification degree

How to apply for NPower recruitment

Follow the steps below;

1. Go to N-Power website at

2. Select a category from any of these three;
N-power Knowledge, N-power Volunteer corps, or N-power build.

3. Click on “Apply now” button. You will be directed to the page where you will access the application form.

Read the form and fill the required field. Do not forget to upload required documents such as your CV, Passport photograph, Certificate (Degree, HND, OND or NCE), and others.

A confirmation message with the N-Power logo will be sent to you if your registration is successfully completed.

After some days, you’ll also receive a letter in your email address. The letter will show your pre-selection status.

Once your preliminary selection is successful, you will be a step away from joining Npower.

If selected, you will receive a congratulatory letter from NPower.

The letter is evidence of your acceptance to take part in the programme and also direct you on what to do next.

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