Online and self service ways of doing sim swap

There is hardly a thing as frustrating as losing one’s SIM card, either because it’s destroyed or lost. This is because there are many people who may want to contact you via the line or you have used it for various registrations or it’s probably linked to your bank account. The good news is that you can effortlessly retrieve your line through a SIM Swap on MTN.

The procedure of carrying out a SIM Swap on the network is very simple and can be done either online or through the self-service code. More so, you can have it done by visiting an MTN store. Before you try to carry out such a swap, there are a lot of significant things that you might need to know and keep at the back of your mind.

SIM Swap On MTN Is Allowed For Two Purposes
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Broadly, there are many motives that you may want to carry out a swap for your MTN SIM, but more specifically, the reasons have been categorized into two, which also determine the type of SIM Swap that will be carried out for you. Here are the two reasons why you can be authorized to have a SIM Swap:

  1. Your SIM Is Either Damaged Or Lost
    If you have lost your SIM (phone), or it is damaged in any way and cannot be used, you will be permitted to have a SIM Swap done. This situation also covers SIM cards that have either been blocked or deactivated by the network. You will not be eligible to carry out a SIM Swap if your card has been recycled and offered to a new subscriber.

  2. You Want To Upgrade Your SIM Card

Another important motive why you may want to do a swap for your MTN SIM is if you want to upgrade it to an LTE/4G SIM or you want to resize it to fit the phone you now want to use. In this case, you are requesting for a swap to be carried out on a SIM that is already functional.

How To Do A SIM Swap On MTN
There are different techniques of doing a SIM Swap, depending on the intention you want to carry out the Swap and also depending on the type of subscriber you are. This means that if you are a PayAsYouGo subscriber, the procedures are different from when you are a contract subscriber.

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Here are all the processes you can follow to carry out a swap for your MTN SIM:

For Lost or Damaged SIM (PayAsYouGo Subscribers)
1. The first thing you want to do as a regular subscriber is to buy a new MTN PayAsYouGo starter pack.
2. Next, you will need to enroll the new SIM before you can proceed.

  1. You can now insert the new SIM into your device. Select the “Get a new number” option.
  2. Dial *135# in order to activate the new SIM card on the MTN network.
  3. After you must have completed the processes, kindly dial 1353 #. This will commence the Swap. Another way you can do this is to dial *135# and select option 3.

  4. Put in the number you are doing the Swap for (your old number) when prompted and also the intention for doing the SIM Swap.

  5. An SMS will be sent to you with steps on how to finalize the SIM Swap.

  6. You will also have to submit answers to all the security questions associating to the lost or damaged SIM. Failure to do that in 3 minutes will interrupt the process.

  7. If you have successfully followed all the steps above and provided the correct answers to the security questions, you will obtain an SMS that the SIM Swap was successful.

For Contract Subscribers
If you have lost or damaged your SIM as a contract subscriber, the processes detailed above will not work for you as you will be requested to contact your service provider for further assistance.

To Upgrade Your SIM (PayAsYouGo Subscribers)
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Because your SIM is active, you will also need to have it handy before you start the process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Get for yourself a new MTN PayAsYouGo starter pack.

  2. You will have to RICA the new SIM card before you will be allowed to continue.

  3. Insert the SIM into your current device and then select the ‘Get a new number’ option if you get the prompt.

  4. Kindly dial *135# to activate the new SIM card on the MTN network

  5. Using your old SIM, SMS ‘Swap’ to 44770.

  6. A One-Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to you. Kindly note that this pin is only valid for 15 minutes.

  7. Using your new upgraded SIM card, SMS ‘Swap’ and your “Old NumberOTP#” to 44770. For example, if the old number is 0831234567 and the OTP sent is 1234, the SMS you will send to 44770 will be: Swap 08312345671234#

  8. Insert the old SIM into a device and wait until it stops working. Now, you can insert the new card into a device and you will be able to use the upgraded SIM card.

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Steps On How To Carry Out SIM Swap On MTN For Active SIM Upgrade (Contract Subscribers)
Here, it is important to note that you can only use these steps if your service provider is MTN SP, and you do not need to RICA the new SIM card before you continue. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Get a new Contract SIM card from MTN SP

  2. SMS ‘Swap’ from your current (old) SIM to 44770

  3. You will receive a One Time Pin (OTP) which is valid for 15 minutes (please immediately)

  4. Next, FROM YOUR OLD SIM CARD, SMS ‘Swap’ and your “New SIM NumberOTP#” to 44770. Please note that the new SIM number can be located on your new SIM pack. For example, if your new SIM number is 2047994704 and the OTP you received in step 4 is 1234 then SMS the following to 44770: Swap 2047994704 1234#

  5. Once your existing (old) SIM stops working, insert your new SIM card into your handset and power it on

  6. Your device is now ready to use with your new SIM card. If you experience any issues, please contact your service provider for further assistance

Steps To Carry Out An LTE SIM Swap
This process comes in handy if your old SIM is still active and you are making use of an LTE-enabled device. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. You will need to again, get a new MTN Starter Pack and RICA it.

  2. Using your old SIM, SMS ’Swap’ to 44770.

  3. After this, you will receive a one-time PIN (OTP) via SMS. Note that the OTP is only valid for 15 minutes.

  4. Next, SMS ’Swap(LTE SIM number)(OTP)#’ to 44770. For example if your Old number is 0831234567 and the OTP is 1234, you will need to SMS Swap083345671234# to 44770.

  5. Wait for your old SIM to stop working, insert your new SIM in your device, and power it on.

  6. Your process is completed once you receive an SMS notifying you that your device is now MTN LTE-ready.

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It Takes Less Than A Day For Your SIM To Be Swapped

If you are wondering how long it will take to complete your SIM Swap and have the line active, it doesn’t take long. Once you follow the processes correctly, in anything from two hours to 24 hours, you should have your SIM ready for use.

This is only possible if at the end of the process you receive a notification that the Swap was successful. If you receive a failed notification or any error message, it means you will have to restart the entire process.

If you encounter any problem along the way or it takes longer than necessary, you can place a call to 135 for any further assistance as your swap may fail to process due to the fear of SIM Swap fraud and you may have to visit an outlet.

The Process Of SIM Swap On MTN Is Free
While there are some terms and conditions that apply when you want to carry out a SIM Swap, the process itself is free. Nonetheless, whether you are carrying out the process by yourself at home or visit an MTN outlet, you will be required to pay for the SIM card in your Starter Pack.

Apart from that, the only other charge you may incur is that of the SMS you are sending. Every other thing comes free.

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