Puplic service commission to announce date for civil service salary review

Public Service Commission to disclose the date for civil servants salary review. The Civil Service Commission, also recognized as the Public Service Commission (PSC), is required to declare openly when there will be the another salary review for civil servants, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Paul Mavima has said.

Mavima also said the Government has refrained from organizing a minimum wage, enabling employers and National Employment Councils to decide on their own. Said Mavima:

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This time around we have not reviewed the minimum wage as the Government, we have left that to the employers and the unions to review. And we have seen that it’s working because we are authorizing agreements which are more or less above the Poverty Datum Line.

We have also done that in Government where we have time and again evaluated the salaries of civil servants to at least be above the Poverty Datum Line. According to a ‘National Salaries Survey’, conducted by a local company Stallone Consultancy, most companies and employees’ unions agreed on a minimum wage of around $18 000.

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The figure was about $2 000 below the Poverty Datum Line in December 2020, but price rises have escalated since the start of 2021, with government departments and parastatals leading the way in hiking fees.

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