Hi guys, it’s steve again. Now that you are set to get started for the NYSC journey, here are few tips that should prepare you ahead for life at the orientation camp.

But before we get to that, if you’re yet to contact me for your medical fitness certificate (or even medical report), DM me on Whatsapp: 08032104410

So back to business, here are some tips you should know before going to camp:

1. Go with money. I can’t overemphasize this enough. I have provided an article on this.


2. For the ajebutters, there are available laundry services at your disposal.

3. Always wear your cap. E get why.

4. You are entitled to three course meal daily. You will be given a meal ticket. Do not misplace it.

5. If you want to look smart than the other guys, sew your tailor-fit khaki from home. Otherwise, have it in mind that you will adjust your khaki in camp. You can’t escape this.

6. Get yourself a sling bag (waist pouch) for your items.

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7. There are different types of people in the camp. Be open-minded and make new friends. Do not go through camp alone.

8. Go with enough white T-shirts and shorts. Chances are you will lose some to thieves after each wash.

9. Soldiers, civil defence, etc. are not allowed to maltreat you. They can however drill you in the name of discipline. Be polite even when disobeying them.

10. Be prepared to wait in line for EVERYTHING.

11. Always put your phone on silent mode especially when you’re on the parade ground.

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12. Do not go with expensive gadgets you do not need daily so you don’t lose them to theft.

13. Laptops are not allowed. There is no point bringing one.

14. Don’t get fooled by the fire drill. It’s a panic alert from soldiers in the thick of the night.

15. The orientation camp is going to be one of the best three weeks of your life. Enjoy it!


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