How to make money as a freelancer in nigeria

– how to make money as a Freelancer in Nigeria

Whenever the thought of being a freelancer comes to one’s mind, questions raise. And this questions clouds the mind and blocks our insight from seeing the gold buried in freelancing business.

In this post, we shall critically look at how to make money as a freelancer in Nigeria.

Such questions are usually based on the situation we find ourselves. Questions such as, “where do I find jobs as a freelancer?” “How do I make money as a freelancer in Nigeria?”

These questions limit us from becoming a freelancer. It creates doubt in our minds and discourages us from taking a step.

But those questions shouldn’t discourage you. To overcome it, you need to cross-examine yourself to be certain if you are prepared to work as a freelancer.

Before you become a freelancer, you need to be sure if freelancing is something you want.

You need to know your area of specialization, and consider if you are good at what you are doing.

Think about things you do which gives you joy and fulfilment. The things you can do without much efforts. Service or job you can offer to people for money.

It will help you decide the area you want to specialize in.

How to make money as a freelancer in Nigeria

Maybe you want to have enough time to carry out other activities or you are looking for a way out of the tedious activities at work.

The good thing about being a freelancer is that you make your own plans. And you choose the number of customers or jobs you want to attend.

You also choose which attire you wear. Tax payment is low because of the absence of Labour force and fewer properties.

No disturbance government agencies. You are the one who decide the amount you get. You go through your work with ease.

On the other hand, you are the one who organizes your work and make decisions.

What is Freelancing?

You might wonder what freelancing is all about.

Let me break it down for you. Working for different people or companies independently for a specific period of time is known as Freelancing.

Someone who uses his skills or abilities to work for different people or companies for a specific period of time is referred to as a freelancer.

How to make money as a freelancer in Nigeria

Freelance services you can engage in to earn money include;

1. Writing and information entry

2. Programming and Website design

3. Graphics design creation

4. Giving Admin support

1. Writing and information entry

If you are very fluent in writing and a prolific writer and have a special way for writing and storytelling.

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Then this category of freelancing is for you. This form of freelance service is widely used by so many people.

Under this category, there are different areas one can earn money depending on the one that suit you.

These areas include;

  • Giving caption to posts and tweets.
  • Writing e-Books,
  • E-mail copies,
  • Writing Adverts for social media,
  • Entering of information on a broadsheet,
  • Writing product review for online stores.
  • Journalism
  • Articles writing,
  • Writing contents for magazines, newspapers and other publications.

Below are the websites that offer this kind of freelancing services:

  • UpWork,
  • ProBlogger,
  • Freelance Writing,
  • Indeed, BloggingPro.

2. Programming and Website design

Every website and applications we use in our phones, computer and other electronic devices are created by Programmers.

They develop softwares (using codes) that can work a specific purpose and which can be understood easily.

They carry out other activities as well such as website design, applications and software developments, a search engine optimization (SEO) which allows a website to be seen whenever we make a search.

These freelance services are complicated for an average person but with proper training it becomes easy.

To be a freelancer in this area of field you need to understand the internet and decode computer languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript

3. Graphics design creation

Brining out your imagination into real drawing on a computer is a unique thing to do.

As an upcoming freelancer, you can become a graphic design artist and designs logo(s), social graphics, banners for companies that are just coming up or companies that want to change their brand.

You can also produce animation videos or PowerPoint presentations.

It involves having the right skills, creative ability and the software to produce the best result and meet needs of your customers.

4. Giving Admin support

It involves organizing and handling effectively the administrative affairs of customers or their products.

Such affairs may include managing appointment, managing email and calendar, making the necessary travel bookings, schedule meetings as a (personal assistant).

It also involves listening to recordings of conversations and typing them out. This is often referred to as transcription.

How to make money as a freelancer in Nigeria

With the knowledge of the various fields to choose from, lets outline the basic steps you need to become a freelancer.

1. Specialize on a Particular field
2. Decide on the service you want to offer
3. Skill development
4. Having your own Trademark
5. Evidence, Profile or Review about your previous work or projects.
6. Fixing a price value
7. Aiming for the big shot.

These are step-by-step guide you need to follow if you want to start a career in freelancing.

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Let’s discuss them in detail;

1. Specialize on a Particular field

As a new freelancer, you may want to engage in any freelancing job that pays but as time goes on.

You will have to adjust and concentrate on a particular area that suits you and the number of customers you can attend to.

You may wonder why do you need to focus on a particular area and if you will earn more money by just specializing in in one.

The truth is when you focus on one area; you become a professional in that area and with your expertise, you will request for a higher fee when rendering service(s).

Most often customers or companies seek and hire an individual with a particular skill from outside their offices.

The more reason your CV should have freelancing skills. If you eventually discover that with your skill you can work as a freelancer, then you can go ahead create a freelancing business.

2. Decide on the service you want to offer

Make up your mind based on the service you render and the ones you don’t.

This is very important because it will help you be well organised and determines how much value your audience give you.

It will also direct you on the steps to take as you move forward to improve your profile as a freelancer.

3. Skill development

Improve on your skill and gain new ones especially the ones that people will always require their services.

Use your skills to practice, execute jobs or finish project assigned to you by clients to produce the best result.

Being good in writing, website design, mobile app creation or any other skill gives you an edge and sets you aside from others and draw more customers to seek your services.

4. Having your own Trademark

Having a trademark(brand) is a must if you want to reach a height of success as a freelancer and differentiate you from other freelancers.

Your trademark is what people will use to identity you amid thousands of freelancers.

Your trademark can be your social media account, website or blog which should advertise your services.

This will enable you concentrate on a particular field. For example, as a graphic designer, you may concentrate on branding work for newly established digital companies only.

As you concentrating on a particular field, so will the particular set of client seek for you.

5. Evidence, Profile or Review about your previous work or projects

As a freelancer, create a profile, write a review or show an evidence about previous works or project you have accomplished.

Just a summary of the things you achieved in the past. Most times customers are not interested in your qualifications.

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What they are interested in are the previous jobs or project you accompanied.

They want to know if you are good at what you do, If you are the right person for the job and if they could trust you to execute a perfect job and give them what they want.

As a newbie in freelancing, you can search for smaller jobs, especially the ones that will produce more earnings. And at the end of every job write the customers view about what you did.

This will guide you when writing a profile. It is usually uncommon for customers not to ask for your profile or reviews of your previous works.

You can work for free for the right customers if need be. Through this way, when other clients sees your work based on your profile or review and if your work is good, they contact you.

So, you see working for free is good because it creates a path for you.

6. Fixing a price value

Fixing a price is very important as an upcoming freelancer because you have to regain the expenses you incurred.

To sustain yourself and live a comfy life. No matter the price, few customers will pay as long as you do a perfect and a wonderful job.

When you charge or fix a price at an affordable level put into consideration your financial needs.

You need to fix the price that will oversee your financial needs. As a beginner you can start with a price that is affordable with time you can set a high standard.

7. Aiming for the big shot

It is only when you have a good evidence, profile or review of your work. Being able to showcase your skills or potential then you can search for customers who need your services and will pay.

You must have worked for free on few occasions and worked for less paying jobs after which you may seek for the big shots.

Now, the question are these big shots you need to seek to render your service?. The answer is simple; as long as you have decided on the service want to offer, you will definitely find them.

Because you have concentrated on a particular field then customers will be the ones searching for you.

Nowadays people want to do business with a freelancer that specialize in a particular area, than a freelancer who is a jack of all trade.

With the information on how to make money as a freelancer in Nigeria, you can take a leap and start your career as a Freelancer.

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